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100 Days of Vikrant Rona: Sudeep sir said my role was like Shah Rukh Khan’s in Baazigar, says Nirup Bhandari

The actor played Sanjeev Bhargava, one of the antagonists in Kiccha Sudeep’s mystery thriller

100 Days of Vikrant Rona: Sudeep sir said my role was like Shah Rukh Khan’s in Baazigar, says Nirup Bhandari
Nirup Bhandari in a still from Vikrant Rona
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.34 PM, Nov 05, 2022


When the team of Vikrant Rona was promoting it ahead of its theatrical release, Nirup Bhandari, who was known to be playing a pivotal role in the film, was not at the forefront of it. While it was initially attributed to clashing promotion schedules with his film Window Seat, eventually, it became clear that the team was keeping him away for a reason. There was more to Nirup’s character than what he was letting us on to and they wanted to keep that a secret for as long as possible.

In the film, Nirup was introduced as Sanjeev Bhargava, the long-lost son of a family in Kamarottu. The reveal later, though, was that Sanjeev was no more and Nirup, was Raghava, one of the antagonists in the tale, who was taking Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona head-on in the climactic fight. Today, on the occasion of the film’s 100-day celebration, Nirup took to social media, sharing a few images of his character, dressed like a Brahmarakshasa.

Titled ‘A villain is the hero of his own story’, the images were accompanied by further posts in which Nirup spoke more about the role. “During my initial meeting with Sudeep sir for #VikrantRona, he equated my role to Mr Shahrukh Khan’s in Baazaigar. A vengeful son seeks to avenge his family. That is exactly how I intended to approach the role of Sanju/Raghava when Anup (Bhandari) first narrated the idea of Vikrant Rona to me. I truly have an enormous amount of gratitude for everyone who watched, embraced and appreciated my performance. Every drop of sweat and blood… every scratch, every bruise and hard work is worth it when one receives so much love and adulation. Thanks to every technician and the team who worked on the film and made us all look so good; their contribution is immense. And before I wrap up… A tip of the hat to @anupbhandari! Thank you!” wrote Nirup in a series of tweets with the hashtag #100dDaysofVikrantRona.