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12 Digit Masterstroke on OTT - 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss Docubay’s original docufilm on Aadhaar identity

12 Digit Masterstroke on DocuBay - 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss this inspiring docufilm on Aadhaar identity and digital revolution in India

12 Digit Masterstroke on OTT - 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss Docubay’s original docufilm on Aadhaar identity
12 Digit Masterstroke poster. (Courtesy - DocuBay)

Last Updated: 06.57 PM, May 05, 2024


12 Digit Masterstroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar is among the latest additions to Docubay’s versatile content library. This original project has been making waves for its inspirational story about India’s digital revolution and identity with the Aadhaar card. Today, we are all aware of what Aadhaar is and how important it is to identify or link your connection to the nation. From banks to educational institutions, Aadhar cards have cemented their position in the country. However, a few years ago, the scenario was totally different. This docufilm reflects on its creation and impact with captivating visuals. Here are 5 reasons why you must stream this eye-grabbing documentary on DocuBay (also available to stream on OTTplay Premium).

5 Reasons to watch 12 Digit Masterstroke

Ankur Warikoo as the narrator

Internet’s favourite content creator and entrepreneur, Ankur Warikoo, is narrating this hard-hitting documentary with his enthusiastic vocals. He traces the inspirational journey of India’s Aadhaar Card, which later contributed enormously to the digitalisation.


Biometric technology

The Aadhaar team has smartly found a vital solution for people whose fingerprints are often trickier to scan. With the advent of new technology, fading fingerprints have found their perfect replacement in iris scans, as there is a unique individual iris pattern for everyone that remains the same throughout their lives. Thus, it is quite secure, as it helps to avoid identity scams.

Informational and hard-hitting

The docufilm reflects on India’s incredible journey with the Aadhaar Card, which was created in a small house and later became a key part of identity proof that now every Indian is proud to showcase in jobs or government official works.

Significance of Teamwork

The docufilm narrates how ideas were weaved into a revolution. It narrates how the Aadhaar Card was created on the corner desk of a house. The vision and mission were achieved with an intelligent team that strives to believe in “Where there is a will, there is a way.” It also reflects on the significance of teamwork in achieving this milestone. You’ll meet seven such people whose efforts and dedicated mission made it possible to assign unique IDs to over 1.4 billion people in India.

Digital Revolution and its behind-the-scenes journey

Backed by Wide Angle Films, 12 Digit Masterstroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar is directed by Sujata Kulshreshtha and Abhimanyu Tewari. This unusual docufilm takes you inside the hustle behind the successfully rolled-out project that became a game changer in identity verification with Aadhaar.

It delves deeper into the influential era of digitalisation or digital revolution that emerged in India after Aadhar linking made financial deals or online transactions easier.

Embrace India’s revolutionary tale by streaming DocuBay’s original film 12 Digit Masterstroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar' this weekend.

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