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12 Digit Masterstroke - Release date, trailer, plot, OTT platform and more

12 Digit Masterstroke will be released soon on an OTT platform. Before its premiere, here's all you need to know about the documentary.

12 Digit Masterstroke - Release date, trailer, plot, OTT platform and more
12 Digit Masterstroke poster. (Courtesy - DocuBay)

Last Updated: 05.00 PM, May 02, 2024


12 Digit Masteroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar is set to premiere on an OTT platform. The documentary will highlight how a team of private sector professionals created a unique identity for 1 billion plus Indians. So far, the makers have given us only a small glimpse of what this documentary looks like. Directed by Sujata Kulshreshtha & Abhimanyu Tewari, 12 Digit Masterstroke has been produced by Wide Angle Films. It is narrated by Ankur Warikoo. 

12 Digit Masterstroke release date

12 Digit Masterstroke intends to tell the story of bringing Aadhaar to life in India. This interesting documentary will be premiering on May 3, 2024.

12 Digit Masterstroke trailer


The trailer of 12 Digit Masterstroke highlights the creation of Aadhaar as the foundation of India's digital revolution. It showcases where the design work of Aadhaar happened followed by revealing what the team was attempting to create was ten times bigger than the largest available biometric database. 

12 Digit Masterstroke plot

12 Digit Masterstroke delves deep into the creation process of Aadhaar for 1.4 billion Indians. The documentary explores logistical, technological and political challenges faced by the team, spearheaded by tech wizard Nandan Nilekani. Under his leadership, the team aimed to achieve something that no one had attempted before in India.

12 Digit Masterstroke OTT platform

If you wish to watch this intriguing documentary on OTT, then DocuBay should be your go-to place. 12 Digit Masterstroke will drop on the streaming platform on May 3, 2024.

Team behind the invention of Aadhaar

Meanwhile, the makers of 12 Digit Mastertstroke unveiled the team that led the foundation of Aadhaar in India. They shared 7 sketches of the intelligent team members with their names and designations

1. Nandan Nilekani, the former chairperson of UIDAI, is the mastermind

2. Ram Sewak Sharma, former CEO of UIDAI

3. Ganga Kapavarapu, former CFO of UIDAI

4. Srikanth Nadhamuni, former CTO of UIDAI

5. Pramod Verma, the former chief architect of Aadhaar

6. Shankar Maruwada, head of marketing of UIDAI

7. Ashok Pal Singh, former deputy director of UIDAI

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