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15 years of Ayan: Suriya's blockbuster deserves a rewatch on streaming for these 5 reasons

Here are the top five moments from Tamil superstar Suriya's Ayan that make it worth rewatching on SunNXT. 

15 years of Ayan: Suriya's blockbuster deserves a rewatch on streaming for these 5 reasons
Suriya in Ayan.

Last Updated: 02.20 PM, Apr 03, 2024


Tamil superstar Suriya's Ayan completed 15 years since its first release in theatres in 2009. Directed by the late filmmaker KV Anand, the film played a very instrumental role in solidifying Suriya's stardom in the Tamil film industry.

Ayan stars Suriya in the lead role as Deva, a smart and cunning youngster involved in smuggling operations. However, his character is not a complete crook, embracing the bright shades of the anti-hero arc. Deva smuggles diamonds, technology, expensive hardware, and even pirated copies of DVDs of highly-awaited movies, but never narcotic drugs. Just like Vito Corleone in The Godfather, he also believes "Drugs is a dirty business" and it's a line he will not cross at any cost.

Ayan, not just for Suriya, is also an important movie in the history of Tamil cinema. The film showed that how commercial blockbusters can also massively benefit from smart and intelligent storytelling.

Ayan remains one of the most popular and well-loved Tamil action films thanks to its gripping storyline, memorable performances, and entertaining action sequences.

One of the major highlights of Ayan is its thrilling and high-voltage action sequences. The film's wholesome entertainment is further enhanced by composer Harris Jayaraj's breezy soundtrack, perfectly complementing this summer blockbuster about a globetrotting youngster.

Five top moments from Ayan that make it worth rewatching on SunNXT:

The chase in Africa


The film is known for its adrenaline-pumping action sequences and intense chase scenes, choreographed with precision and executed with flair, making it a treat for action movie fans. In particular, the chase sequence, featuring parkour-inspired stunts in South Africa, pays homage to Bourne Ultimatum and looks fresh and fascinating to date.

The romance

At the heart of this heist drama is a romantic story between Deva and Yamuna. The film is filled with feel-good moments, with Suriya and Tamannaah bringing in their A-game to channel the nervous energy of wide-eyed lovers.

Thinking on the feet scene

Ayan features several edge-of-the-seat moments, and one of them is when Deva and his gang are betrayed by one of their own, leading to a surprise raid on their hideout. Deva needs to come up with a plan to hide the sack full of gold bars or spend years behind jail bars.

The Malaysia fight

Deva's friend Chitti Babu gets into serious trouble while operating as a drug mule for the rival gang. Carrying a punctured drug bag in his stomach, Chitti Babu is on the verge of death, and Deva jumps into action to save his friend.

The drug bust

Deva falls into the trap of his rival Kamalesh and gets arrested by airport security on charges of smuggling drugs. To get out of the sticky situation, Deva ends up helping the officials to catch the biggest drug consignment.

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