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19.20.21: Rajesh Nataranga is a social activist in Mansore’s hard-hitting tale on human rights violation

The film, which is about a tribal lad’s fight for justice, releases in theatres on March 3

19.20.21: Rajesh Nataranga is a social activist in Mansore’s hard-hitting tale on human rights violation
Rajesh Nataranga in a still from the film

Last Updated: 02.00 PM, Mar 02, 2023


Actor Rajesh Nataranga known for his works in Kannada films like Just Maath Maathalli, Kaddipudi, Krantiveera Sangolli Raayanna and Kendasampige, among many others, will next be seen in 19.20.21, a hard-hitting movie based on human rights violation. Helmed by director Mansore and producer Devaraj R of D Creations, the film is set to release on March 3, in theatres.

Speaking about this role, Rajesh says, "My role in the film is that of a social activist, someone who is passionate about advocating for a particular cause or set of causes. To prepare for this role, I had to research real-life social activists and their work to gain a better understanding of their motivations, tactics, and impact. I also explored the specific cause my character is advocating for in the film to learn about the issues, challenges, and successes associated with it. To prepare for the role, I had a few video links of the real-life activist that I was bringing onscreen and I concentrated more on the dialect that he uses in his speeches and protests."


Elaborating on his working experience, Rajesh adds, "It was, of course exciting. As a filmmaker, Mansore is known to choose subjects of social relevance and contents attached to the ground reality. He knows exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it."

Talking about film's core message, the actor says, "the core message of 19.20.21 is to be aware of your constitutional rights, and to help and bring awareness among the suppressed and exploited class. The Constitution has been formulated to protect dignity of each life in this country and that's the USP of this film also."

19.20.21 has Shrunga BV in the lead, and includes Balaji Manohar, MD Pallavi, Avinash, Vishwa Karna and Krishna Hebbale as its main cast.

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