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20 years of Ishq Vishk! Shahid Kapoor: Lot in me has changed, but certain fundamentals are very much the same

It's been two decades since Shahid Kapoor was launched as an actor in Bollywood.

20 years of Ishq Vishk! Shahid Kapoor: Lot in me has changed, but certain fundamentals are very much the same
Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

Last Updated: 12.59 PM, May 09, 2023


It has been 20 years since the release of Ishq Vishk, the film that launched the career of Shahid Kapoor. Yes, the actor has been working in the industry for twenty years now, as the film was released on May 9, 2003.

In a recent interview with the Indian Express, Shahid expressed his thanks for making it through two decades in the entertainment business. He explained that he had travelled from Delhi without a plan for achieving his goal. When the film was made, he had just started dancing and modelling. The actor reflected on his career and said he gained a lot of experience along the way.

He continued the discussion of how he has changed and developed over time while maintaining certain characteristics. Shahid admitted that a lot about him has changed, but the basics haven't. He is trying to keep the purity of his early years. Yes, it fades over time, and one will need to reconnect with it before it returns. It must always be front and centre. If one wants to excel in anything, learning is essential, in his opinion. The only way to stay alive is to always be hungry for knowledge and open to change. One needs to keep in touch with their inner child, keep their spirit fresh, and not take life too seriously. In recent years, Shahid has made an effort to better himself in this respect. He has made a sincere effort to model that behaviour.


After Ishq Vishk, Shahid starred in several more romantic comedies, earning him the nickname "chocolate boy." Fans say he's finally moved past that stage and into his "dark phase." The actor reflected on his feelings about the situation, saying that he was dying to break out of it.

In utter candour, he despises tags. People have been complimenting him on his ability to portray grey characters, but now he is not interested. Shahid refuses to give in to any sort of regularity. In his future films, the actor hopes to explore a wide range of genres and portray a wide variety of characters. If he doesn't, he starts to get angry at himself. There are times when he is shooting and he has the feeling that he is repeating a previous action. It's a plus that one takes pleasure in pleasing their audience. However, it is also essential to offer something new.

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