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30 Weds 21 Season 2 starts with a bang, registers over 1.2 crore views for first two episodes

Backed by Chai Bisket, 30 Weds 21 Season 2 is directed by Prithvi Vanam and stars Chaitanya Rao and Ananya Sharma

  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 01.39 AM, Feb 23, 2022

30 Weds 21 Season 2 starts with a bang, registers over 1.2 crore views for first two episodes
Chaitanya and Ananya

Chai Bisket, a brand that has created its imprint in the Telugu digital space in no time, has paved a path for many young talents in the entertainment industry. Their popularity indeed skyrocketed with the release of their original web show, 30 Weds 21, last year. Starring Chaitanya Rao and Ananya Sharma in the lead, the web series directed by Prithvi Vanam grew on audiences episode after episode and turned out to be one of the most watched shows during the lockdown. 

On the whole, the first season of 30 Weds 21 was nothing short of a blockbuster, amassing over 10 crore views across six episodes. Naturally, the second season was awaited by many, who had great expectations about it. The first two episodes of 30 Weds 21's second season were released in the last two weeks, on February 14 and February 20 respectively. 

It was never going to be easy for the creators to sustain their winning momentum across the second season, but they seem to have cracked the formula miraculously. Both the episodes of 30 Weds 21 Season 2 garnered a little more than 1.2 crore views on YouTube within a week of their release and looks set to register bigger numbers in the days to come. The response to show is indeed unprececented in the Telugu web space. 

While the episode 1 was trending #1 on YouTube for 5 days straight, it was only replaced by the release of episode 2 after February 20. "We are grateful to see that the love and adoration of our viewers who encouraged us through Season 1 has only amplified for this Season," the Chai Bisket team shared.