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365 Days – This Day release date: When and where to watch ‘Massimo’ Michele Marrone’s 365 Days 2 on OTT, plot revealed

Massimo and Laura are back with 365 days sequel and it will be out in less than a day.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.53 PM, Apr 26, 2022

365 Days – This Day release date: When and where to watch ‘Massimo’ Michele Marrone’s 365 Days 2 on OTT, plot revealed
365 Days: This Day - Michele Marrone, Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

Massimo is back with his Laura (or is she?) 365 Days part 2 i.e. 365 Days: This Day promises to unravel all the mystery in Massimo and Laura’s perfectly imperfect life. The sequel to the most-loved Netflix film of 2020, 365 Days: This Day is going to be a ride you might not want to miss. So, hop on and know all you need to expect before the film releases.

When can you watch 365 Days: This Day?

In just a few hours, 365 Days sequel will be out. It will be available on April 27 after 12.30 pm.

Where can you stream the film?

Where did you stream 365 Days? Netflix. That is where you can watch the sequel too.

Massimo, Laura and who?

We all know Michele Marrone played the role of Massimo in 365 Days. He is back in the sequel with Anna-Maria Sieklucka playing his wife, Laura. Of course, her BFF Olga (Magdalena Lamparksa) is also back but this time, there’s a new addition. This new addition brings spice to the story. He has captured Laura’s eye. This man is Nacho (played by Simone Susinna).

What is This Day all about?

This Day has a huge twist in the store. That is something you could expect considering Laura’s disappearance from the original film. With Nacho’s entry, This Day goes many notches above. He is Massimo’s long-time rival and surprisingly, his bodyguard too. Imagine what kind of a storm can brew up when Laura takes interest in him, which she does. And what if I tell you that is just the tip of the story? 365 Days sequel is actually going to explore a lot more. It will reveal something you probably weren’t ready for.

Where will This Day begin from?

From the looks of the trailer, 365 Days: This Day will commence from where 365 Days ended. It will delve deeper into Laura’s sudden disappearance. Is she dead? Has she ran away? Was she kidnapped? Every question will be answered with this installment. We will also be seeing flashbacks of Massimo and Laura’s happier time i.e. when they were in their honeymoon phase and how everything changed from thereon.

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