6 Best K-Dramas to watch on MX Player
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6 Best K-Dramas to watch on MX Player

MX player has been releasing Hindi dubbed versions of Korean Dramas for sometime now and OTTplay has compiled a list of 6 best Hindi dubbed K-Dramas that are available on MX player.

Akash Kurup | OTTplay
Jun 13, 2021
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MX player has a streaming library of over 150,000 hours across 12 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. It is available on iOS, Android and the web and with its ad-supported streaming model, viewers can watch these shows and movies for free. MX player has been releasing Hindi dubbed versions of Korean Dramas for sometime now and has one of the largest libraries of their Hindi dubbed versions. So, now you can watch these K-dramas without the language becoming a barrier for you to enjoy the series.

Here, OTTplay has compiled a list of 6 best Hindi dubbed K-Dramas that are available on MX player:


Mysterious Nurse

Mysterious Nurse is a romantic fantasy K-drama which was originally aired on December 21, 2018 on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), a national South Korean TV and radio network. The plot of Mysterious Nurse revolves around a female who can see the death of people due to an accident and a psychiatrist who finds real happiness after a downfall in life. The drama stars Lee Sung Jong, Jang Hee Ryung, Kim Won Sik, Kim Seo Jung, Hwang Jung In and Park So Young.


Where Stars Land

Where Stars Land (also known as Fox Bride Star) is a South Korean romantic drama about two rookies who work in the passenger service department at Incheon Airport. Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin) tends to get into troublesome situations a lot while Soo Yeon (Lee Je Hoon) just wants to live an ordinary life but hides a painful secret. The melodrama has a total of 32 episodes. It is directed by acclaimed South Korean director Shin Woo-chul and written by Kang Eun-kyung. Apart from in Korean, English and Filipino, you can also watch Where Stars Land in Hindi dubbed also.


1% of Something

1% of Something is a South Korean television series which was released in 2016. It also went by the titles Something About 1 Percent and One Percent of Anything. 1% of Something is a romantic comedy drama starring Ha Seok-jin in the lead role as Lee Jae-in, a wealthy and arrogant person, who meets Kim Da-hyun, a teacher, and hires her to be his fake fiance to get his inheritance. However, he slowly falls in love with her.


My First Love (Melting Heart)

My First Love is a coming of age South Korean series about a bunch of people in their twenties. Changing relationships happen between a guy (Ji Soo) and a girl (Jung Chae Yeon) who are close friends as the guy’s best friend (Jung Jin Young) develops feelings for the girl.This south Korean drama was aired during January 8, 2018 to February 6, 2018 and was based on a webtoon which was released in 2015. My First Love is available in Hindi Dubbed version with the title Melting Heart.


King's Love

King's Love also goes by the names - The King Loves, The King is in Love and The King in Love. This historical love triangle drama is about an ambitious and conflicted crown prince (Im Shi Wan) who is caught in the middle of a huge power struggle in the Goryeo era. He also falls in love with the daughter (Yoona) of a rich nobleman and ends up in a tragic love triangle with her and his close friend (Hong Jong Hyun). The drama is directed by Kim Sang-hyeop and is available in Korean, English and in Hindi dubbed version also.


My Little Baby

My Little Baby is a South Korean comedy television series which tells the story of a tough detective (Oh Ji Ho) that specializes in violent crimes who suddenly finds himself having to care for a baby after his sister and brother-in-law pass away. Oh Ji Ho plays Cha Jung Han who ends up unexpectedly taking care of his niece Eun Ae which proves to be very challenging. As he humorously struggles to become a good parent, he gets involved in a mom group that tends to be more of a curse than a blessing. There are 16 episodes in this Korean series directed by Han Cheol-soo and Lee Soo-ok.

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