7 times when Dan Levy surprised, charmed and moved us as David Rose in Schitt’s Creek
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7 times when Dan Levy surprised, charmed and moved us as David Rose in Schitt’s Creek

It's Dan Levy’s birthday today and it's time to give a shoutout to him and his memorable performance in the comedy drama, Schitt’s Creek

Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 09, 2021
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Dan levy bday

When we think of Schitt’s Creek, the one character that stands out like a unicorn is David Rose. Dan Levy, who is also the writer, director, producer and actor of the TV series, almost plays himself on the show. His quirky, romantic and witty elements made him an amazing performer on the show, for which he earned a Primetime Emmy award. Let us have a look at some of Levy's incredible performances as David Rose on the show. Happy birthday Dan Levy!

1) When David and Moira put up a performance on Christmas
David rose and mom

Asbestos Fest (s04e03)

This was an iconic moment on the show, when David and his mom decided to perform a singing routine which they were familiar with, on Christmas. It all started when she signed up to do a solo performance of a routine that she did when she was young. Everyone, including David, doubted whether she could pull it off. Moira soon realised that she lacked the confidence she had years ago and David stepped up and offered to perform with his mother a routine they were familiar with and comfortable doing, even though it involved a funky getup and a hilarious performance which he pulled off effortlessly.

2) When David threw a last-minute baby shower for Jocelyn
David rose and bay shower

Baby Sprinkle (s04e10)

When Roland Schitt’s wife, Jocelyn was planning a baby shower for herself and needed an extra hand from David, he decided to do it after much hesitation. Levy was able to portray David’s inexperience in this whole ordeal that looked natural and realistic on screen. For a rich boy, who only knew how to throw parties that involved booze, he managed to throw a party with pinatas and other baby-related stuff. He, however, did manage to make the baby shower an unconventional one, by bringing in the element of games of tranq pills for Jocelyn.

3) David’s first meet with his future boyfriend (later husband)
David rose and Patrick first meet

Grad Night (s03e13)

When David first met Patrick to open his shop, the meeting didn’t go so well but at the same time sparks managed to fly in-between them. Levy’s portrayal of David during this scene was like a double etched sword, where the meeting was an embarrassing one for David but at the same time, a meet-cute moment for him with Patrick as well. Most of the scenes between David and Patrick were adorably romantic and sweet, where Levy was able to bring in the love that David has for Patrick through his eyes and gestures. It ended up being one of the best relationships on the show.

4) When David wanted to go back to NYC but ends up at an Amish Farm
David rose in amish farm

Town for Sale (s01e13) and Finding David (s02e01)

This was during the period when the Rose family weren’t yet accustomed to the town of Schitt’s Creek and the children were insistent on going back to New York. This was when David realised that he didn’t have true friends from New York and his family were also indifferent to how he was feeling inside. The pain and hurt rolling through David was one of Levy’s memorable performances. The contradictory emotion, in the next episode, where Levy felt he could tone down the seriousness was a bang-on switcheroo.

5) David being there for his sister during her break-up
David hugging Alexis

Moira vs. Town Council (s02e06)

There were many other moments on the show when David and Alexis’ sibling relationship was at its peak, but this one was simple, genuine and didn’t require many words. It was during the time when Alexis broke up with Mutt and needed a hug from David. Although these gestures were alien to David, he comforted her during this period David’s inexperience with showing affection but learning to do it looked authentic to watch on screen, kudos to Levy!

6) David being an understanding son to his father
David and dad

Sunrise, sunset (s06e10)

From being a spoiled brat full of riches in NYC, to a major step-down being penniless in Schitt’s Creek, David’s character evolved into a fine human being and a caring family member, at the same time not shedding his quirky and witty personality. He was super understanding of his father’s lack of money to pay for the wedding and was gentle with him when he comforted his father that it was okay- unlike his old nature when he was in NYC. The evolution of David Rose was brought out incredibly by Levy.

7) David and Patrick’s decision to stay back at Schitt’s Creek
David and patrick 2

Start spreading the news (s06e13)

Although David was excited to go back to NYC with Patrick at the end, when he realised that it was not what the latter wanted, he understood that and also realised eventually it was not what he wanted as well. Settling in an adorable home with his partner was what he wanted. At that moment, the love which he shared for Patrick was heart-warming, along with several other romantic scenes between the characters that Levy was able to capture.

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