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777 Charlie: When Rakshit Shetty and Bobby Simha were in "high spirits" on the sets!

Rakshit speaks about the good times he shared with all his co-stars in the film 

777 Charlie: When Rakshit Shetty and Bobby Simha were in "high spirits" on the sets!
Rakshit Shetty and Bobby Simha in 777 Charlie

Last Updated: 06.09 PM, Jun 05, 2022


Among the many vibrant experiences that Rakshit Shetty was able to dabble in during the making of 777 Charlie, the opportunity to work with an ensemble cast must top the list. This star cast we speak of is as eclectic as it gets, for it also comprises a canine in the form of Charlie along with an array of other talented actors. Rakshit's close friend and Tamil actor Bobby Simha, known for films like Jigarthanda and Mahaan, makes his Kannada debut with the film, and it would seem the two actors used rather interesting techniques to explore their on-screen camaraderie!

"Bobby and I have been great friends so I knew the shooting experience would be a lot of fun. He plays Vamsinathan in the film, a fellow animal lover, and we were meant to shoot a drinking scene together and our rehearsals, so to speak, began even before the camera got rolling! We poured each other some friendly booze, shot the scene, and had a great time altogether. Of course, this unintended method but we went with the flow," shares Rakshit Shetty.

Bobby Simha in 777 Charlie
Bobby Simha in 777 Charlie

Bobby Simha's Vamsinathan enters the narrative at a crucial juncture and brings in a stark change in Dharma's life (played by Rakhit Shetty). The script and its endearing sentiment became the main draw for Simha who has turned down many previous offers to act in a Kannada film. However, it was Rakshit Shetty who insisted that he had to be part of the film, stating that the role was written for him and no one else.

"Rakshit was very certain that I was the best fit for the role of Vamsinathan and I decided to meet director Kiranraj after that. When I was given the narration of the entire script, I was so impressed because the film showcases the man-animal bond with such tenderness and a personal touch that I was really glad to become a part of it. I don't suppose I have had the opportunity to play a role of this nature before - I have dubbed myself for the character but the Kannada language wasn't a concern because I have many friends in the film industry and am familiar with the language. The tricky part though was to find that right pitch for my character - my scenes have a lot of emotional bearing on the story but we didn't want to get overly loud about things and keep the tone understated. It has been a great experience nevertheless," says Bobby Simha.

777 Charlie also includes Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait, and others. The film releases in five different languages on June 10. 

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