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8 Lessons to learn from Gossip Girl, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The popular series was earlier available on Netflix. Now, Amazon Prime Video has released all six seasons of the show.

Adelle Fernandes
Jul 12, 2021
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After the iconic series Gossip Girl was taken down by Netflix, fans were left disheartened. However, Amazon Prime Video has now released all the seasons of the show on its platform for you to have your daily dose of drama. The series revolves around Blair, a well-to-do girl who studies at a private school. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when her ex-best friend joins the same school. We watch the two go through ups and downs with romance, laughs, and tears during the show. Apart from being extremely entertaining, the show also gives viewers a few life lessons. Here are some of them:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay to forgive them.

If you’ve watched the series, you definitely know that each character has made quite a few mistakes with respect to their relationships with each other, their family and much more. Obviously, some mistakes have been bigger than others and fans probably have never been able to forgive some of the characters for the stunts they pulled off. However, despite the ruined weddings and betrayals, they always find a way back to each other and forgive each other.

2. Work for what you want

The characters in the show always worked hard for what they wanted and it is true that their success came from privilege. However, this does not mean they didn’t strive for perfection and work hard to reach it. Serena got a job, Blair and Chuck each took over the family business, and Dan wrote a book. Even though they faced failure, they learnt from it and tried again.


3. Always be honest

Lily and Dan often had a hard time telling the truth. However, their life experiences taught them the value of integrity and being content with oneself. This is an important takeaway from the show, as with honesty comes success.

4. Family comes first

In the show, we notice that each character would go through hell and back for their family. Although this is a good quality to have, it is never right to do so at the expense of others. For example, Lily once sent an innocent man to jail for her daughter’s well-being.

5. Plotting and scheming gets you nowhere

Blair’s entire character is based on her plotting and planning when she doesn’t get her way or wants something to turn out in a particular manner. However, if you’ve watched the show, you know for sure that most of her plans backfired and the rest ended up hurting others. However, the silver lining is that she eventually realizes what she has been doing and decides to change her ways.


6. Never give up on what you love

Although most of Dan’s friends were worried about how they would be portrayed in his book, Dan never doubted himself as an author. He faced several obstacles and rejection, but his passion for writing was much more. He went on to finish his book and also got it published. Moreover, he also got movie offers that made him a huge success.

7. Love always triumphs

Chuck and Blair are undoubtedly amongst the best power couples in history. They go through several fights and disagreements that end in them ignoring each other for months, but they always find a way back to each other. After several attempts at trying to make it work, the two decide to get married and go all in.

8. Never settle for less

Each character on the show has settled for less in their life and has later realized their worth. It teaches us to know what we are worth and never settle for less than what we deserve.

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