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8 Years of Chennai Express: Reminisce the best moments from Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer

A trip down the memory lane to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Chennai Express by, reminiscing some of the best moments and the movie.

Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 26, 2021
cover image
Chennai Express 8 year anniversary

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer, Chennai Express was released eight years ago, on August 8. It was one of the most well-received movies in Bollywood that has broken the records. Despite getting mixed reviews, the movie went to earn one billion rupees, domestically. Ranging from its spicy soundtrack to the slapstick comedy Rohit Shetty “ishtyle” to its “attempt” in giving a “tribute” to our Thalaiva, Chennai Express is still remembered for its many moments on screen.

1) Tribute to Thalaiva-Lungi Dance

Let’s get this over and done with people. Their attempt in tributing superstar Rajinikanth was not up to the mark, nor their way in depicting South Indians, which was utterly stereotypical. Nevertheless, you hear Lungi dance and your feet begin to tap to the beat. Yo Yo Honey Singh lyrics to the song makes us involuntarily sing it as well. The song was and still is a rage during cultural programmes in colleges, schools, dance parties and many more.

2) Rehash of DDLJ train scene

SRK, romance and a train is a deadly combination. But Rohit Shetty’s idea to bring in his “ishtyle” is simply hilarious. When you think back to the scene, when the actor is giving a hand to Padukone to get into the train, you are more likely to think of him giving a hand to the hooligans. The change of Tujhe Dekha toh background music to something more rough-and-tough, makes you forget the original version.

3) Conversing through Bollywood chartbusters

This is another iconic scene during the movie when they talk to each other by singing to not create suspicion among the hooligans. The way lyrics of Haule Haule, Tujhe Dekha Toh, Chinta ta and many other songs, were changed to dialogues between the two was amusing, something that only Rohit Shetty can get away with doing comically.

4) The movie’s spicy soundtrack

Vishal & Shekhar never fail to disappoint the fans when it comes to their music. They proved their point in this movie as well. Similar to Honey Singh’s Lungi Dance, other tracks from the movie like 1234 Get On The Dance Floor, Titli, Kashmir Se Kanyakumari and the rest of the tracks are still played on loop till today. Their selection of perfect singers for each song was like a selection of fine wine. And they delivered that perfection to our ears, especially with songs like Titli, sung by Chinmayee Sripradha.

5) Deepika Padukone comical moments

It doesn’t matter if people dream bad dreams like Meenamma in reality. Irrespective of her Tamil diction, her hand in slapstick comedy was hysterical. The scene where she kicks SRK in her sleep, not before her sleep talk, “Thangaballi kitta varadhe” (Thangaballi don’t near me), was side-splitting funny to watch.

6) Carrying Meenamma up to the temple
Chennai Express- carrying to temple scene

It is another iconic moment of the movie when Rahul carries Meenamma up to the temple- a defining moment of their love. The scene, although started as a comical one, went to be a heartwarming and romantic scene. The background score, especially during this scene was mind-blowing that would impact double the time more for an SRK fan.

7) Rehash of DDLJ- Rohit Shetty Ishtyle

The movie is interpreted to be Rohit Shetty’s version of DDLJ- they meet, they get stuck with each other, they fall in love, the guy fights for the girl with her fiancé and the girl’s dad sends her to the guy she loves. The way a 40-year old man, being halfway through his age, is still able to stand up for his girl and fight the bad guy, reignites the love fans (especially ladies) have for him. The director also manages to bring the onscreen romance of SRK and Deepika beautifully with the perfect song and the perfect choreography.

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