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Aarya season 1 recap: Madhuri Dixit brings you up to speed with all that happens ahead of Sushmita Sen's Aarya 2

Aarya 2 is premiering on Disney+ Hotstar on December 10, 2021.

  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 08.53 AM, Dec 08, 2021

Aarya season 1 recap: Madhuri Dixit brings you up to speed with all that happens ahead of Sushmita Sen's Aarya 2

Only a couple of days are left for the second season of Aarya to drop on Disney+ Hotstar. The first season brought Sushmita Sen back to the screen, and she was appreciated a lot for her incredible performance. Now that season two is set to return in no time, let's take a trip down and recall what all happened in season one that made fans impatient for the second season of Aarya. 

Aarya's plot revolves around Aarya Sareen (Sushmita), a caring mother and a loving wife. She is, however, quite naive and is unaware of her husband's illegal business. After Aarya's husband, Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh), a pharma baron, is mysteriously killed, things go bad for their family. The drug mafia and illegal syndicates want to kill him and his entire family. As a result, Aarya joins the gangs. The show follows her journey to becoming a mafia queen who seeks vengeance on those who murdered her husband. She is also responsible for her three children, Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya (Viren Vazirani, Virti Vaghani, and Pratyaksh Panwar).

Madhuri Dixit has now taken us through the highlights of Aarya's first season. The actor has enchanted millions of viewers over the years with her flawless beauty and impeccable acting skills. Her narration of the first season provides all fans with a quick refresher of the excitement they felt during the first season.

While Aarya is on a hunt to find out who killed her husband, she unearths a lot of shocking details regarding him and her family too. She gets to know that her brother Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) and their common friend Jawahar (Namit Das) stole drugs belonging to Shekhawat (Manish Choudhary) and had to give them to the Russians. 

This leads to Aarya taking the matters into her hands and she is reminded by her father Zorawar's (Jayant Kripalani) right hand, Daulat (Sikandar Kher), to bring out her claws like a tigress and take matters into her mind.

In the process, the only person who witnessed Tej's murder is his youngest son, Aditya, aka Adi (Panwar), who finally identifies him. It's none other than *spoiler alert* Daulat, who kills Tej after Zorawar orders him to. As Aarya knows about it, she asks ACP Younis Khan (Vikas Kumar) to help her flee from there and discloses the truth to him about Tej's death. 

Aarya not only loses her husband, she also loses her sister Soundarya (Priyasha Bhardwaj). She gets killed by coke-addict Jawahar (Das), who mistakes her for Aarya.

She also assassinates Shekawat, who has been harassing her every chance he gets to get back at her family, who stole his Rs 300 crore worth of drugs. Aarya also confronts her brother Sangram (Bhatia), who has been in jail the whole time for being accused of killing Tej. However, she finally realizes that it was her father who did it to stop Aarya from escaping the country with her husband.

To follow in her father's footsteps and protect her children, Aarya decides to flee to New Zealand. But as she is on her way to leave the country, she gets a call from a Russian who asks her to give back the drugs or face the consequences. 

So are you excited to watch Aarya 2 and know what will unfold further in her life? The series will premiere on December 10, 2021.