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Abhay Deol opens up on 'cancel culture' in Bollywood: Some people will buy tickets to hate-watch certain movies

Abhay Deol also shared that he disagrees with the whole "Boycott Bollywood" trend.

Abhay Deol opens up on 'cancel culture' in Bollywood: Some people will buy tickets to hate-watch certain movies
Abhay Deol/Instagram
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Last Updated: 03.50 AM, Apr 27, 2023


The average person now has the ability to express themselves and question the status quo thanks to social media. But with power comes responsibility, and some people prefer to abuse it to foment hatred or further their own interests. The "boycott Bollywood" gang has frequently threatened actors and their films, and that trend still exists today. While it's acceptable to disagree or raise questions, Abhay Deol shared his perspective on the "cancel culture" that marginalises performers and their work.

According to him, technology has made it possible for disinformation to spread swiftly as well as accurate facts. The actor told ETimes that everyone is powerful. Today, both those with an agenda and those with a conscience are equally strong. It's therefore a mixed bag. People will criticise the film business for not evolving as quickly as the rest of society. Others just wish to boycott or outlaw something because it advances their own selfish goals. He disagrees with the "cancel culture" and the bans.

Abhay further explained that for him, the human situation and individuals aren't black and white. He does, however, stand with those who seek actual change. There are those who ostensibly avoid Bollywood films because they find them inaccessible. They haven't participated in the global cinematic language since they are just interested in what interests them. Those folks are entitled to request a modification, and those with an agenda are only exploiting circumstances.

The actor added that let's not condemn the whole Hindi cinema business for producing films with a fan following. Some people will purchase tickets to hate-watch certain films, but they will buy that ticket, and that's the reality. There's a certain segment of the audience that will go ahead and watch the film so that they can show their disgust for it.

Abhay was last seen in Trial by Fire, streaming on Netflix.