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Abhi Rama Chandra trailer: A tale of friendship and memories of a long-lost love

Abhi Rama Chandra introduces Ratha Kiran as leading man, in what will be a home production for him.

Abhi Rama Chandra trailer: A tale of friendship and memories of a long-lost love
Ratha Kiran is being introduced in this love triangle

Last Updated: 07.16 PM, Sep 23, 2023


Abhi Rama Chandra, directed by Nagendra Ganiga, has zeroed in on its date with audience. The film, which introduces two new talents in Kannada cinema, namely Ratha Kiran and Shivani Rai, is about friendship and love and if the bond between friends can remain unshaken in matters of the heart. In the film, Ratha Kiran is Abhi, Siddu Moolimani is Rama and Natya Ranga is Chandra, three close buddies, from a middle-class background. The official synopsis of the film reads, “Three friends Abhi, Ram, and Chandra reside in Bangalore. As Abhi loses a cherished earring, his journey to find his childhood love begins. However, complications arise when Ram also loves the same girl. It leads to unexpected challenges which tests their friendship. Who will end up with Aruni?”


A little while ago, the team launched the film’s trailer, which pretty much encapsulates the synopsis. It also announces that the film will be in theatres shortly. Abhi Rama Chandra has been locked for an October 6 theatrical outing. Speaking at the trailer launch, director Nagendra said that he loves films from the 80s, with Namoora Mandara Hoove a favourite. The filmmaker says that he was inspired by the Ramesh Aravind-Shivarajkumar film in writing this love triangle. The film was shot across locations in Kundapura, Mandya, Bengaluru and Chikkamagaluru and will feature four songs composed by KGF-fame Ravi Basrur. Abhi Rama Chandra is a home production for lead actor Ratha Kiran. Nagendra adds that it took him three years to write the film, including breaks during the pandemic, but filming was made easy because each of the actors did full justice to their characters and literally lived their roles.

Abhi Rama Chandra also stars Prakash Tumminad, Veena Sundar, S Narayan and Chethan Durga, among others. Nagendra also has a cameo in the film as Abhi’s childhood friend. As of now, Abhi Rama Chandra will be pitted against the late Chiranjeevi Sarja’s last commercial film, Rajamarthanda at the box office. After the overcrowded September 28 week, it remains to be seen how many of those films will retain screens in week 2 and if newer films will join the race on October 6.

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