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Abigail theatrical release date – Watch a child ballerina vampire suck her kidnappers dry in this monster horror

Abigail is ready to release in international theaters this summer. The horror thriller features an ensemble, starry cast with a solid plot line, scary jump scares and a darkly humorous premise.

Abigail theatrical release date – Watch a child ballerina vampire suck her kidnappers dry in this monster horror
A still from Abigail ahead of its global release

Last Updated: 03.33 PM, Mar 23, 2024


Abigail is an upcoming English horror thriller with elements of terror, gore, dark humour, pop references, and ballet. It also has an angelic-looking ballerina vampire pirouetting around and playing with her victims before tearing them apart. The film is directed by the dynamic duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, better known as Radio Silence, of Scream 6 and Ready or Not fame. Abigail will be released globally this summer.

Abigail release date and trailer


The film will have its world premiere at the Overlook Film Festival of New Orleans. Abigail will be available in international theatres from April 19, 2024, onward, including India. The film is a modern reimagining of the 1936 film Dracula’s Daughter, a sequel to the 1931 Dracula. However, the adaptation is not a sincere one, preferring to add its own spin to the vampire horror genre.

Abigail plot

Abigail has a refreshing premise. It follows the sheltered, cosy life of Abigail, the protected and sweet-looking daughter of a powerful underworld figure. A highly skilled ballerina, she spends hours unwinding and practicing to the dulcet tunes of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. One fine day, she had just returned home from practice to relax in her bedroom when she was attacked by home invaders.

The invaders turn out to be kidnappers, with the leader asserting the rules, making the ransom demands, and ordering the captors to stay vigilant and keep the girl contained before leaving Abigail’s lavish home for the night. Until her rich father makes the payment of $50 million, their home will be occupied, and Abigail will be held captive. However, captors do not take long to vanish and realise who is in charge.

Abigail cast

Abigail features an impressive cast, comprising of the likes of Matilda the Musical young star Alisha Weir as Abigail, Giancarlo Esposito as Lambert, the leader of the kidnappers, Melissa Barrera as Joey, Dan Stevens as Frank, Kathryn Newton as Sammy, the late Angus Cloud as Dean, Kevin Durand as Peter, William Catlett as Rickles, and Matthew Goode in an undisclosed role.

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