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Actress-politician Debashree Roy opens up after her Kanthi show fiasco

A group of musicians was held hostage as she did not reach the venue

Actress-politician Debashree Roy opens up after her Kanthi show fiasco
Debashree Roy
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Last Updated: 08.11 PM, Apr 13, 2023

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Several musicians and sound artists were held back in Kanthi, East Midnapore. This created a buzz and artists like Iman Chakraborty and Lopamudra Mitra were vocal regarding this. Debashree Roy was also accused of not coming to the show even after taking money. She did not make any comments so far, but on Thursday, she opened up about the incident. 

Debashree said that she was hurt. She has a long career. She further added that she has been doing shows since she was two and a half. That is why she is hurt after being accused. She said, “The organizers who started saying, “She did not come,” did not contact me. They could have phoned me and known the matter. Debashree Roy is not someone who will run away with the money. I am hurt as an artiste by the uproar.” 

She also said, “The organizer who was taking me there told me to return. I still waited for two hours on a dark road. Who will vouch for my safety?” 

Why was she silent for so many days? Debashree replied that many of her friends asked her to keep mum. They thought that it would add to the fire if she opened her mouth. But she could not be silent at last. Debashree said, “I lost my patience after hearing so many accusations. Then I thought that everyone should know the truth.”