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Adrishya Jalakangal: 5 reasons to watch Tovino Thomas’ mystery drama film

Tovino Thomas starrer Adrishya Jalakangal, directed by Dr Bijukumar Damodaran, is scheduled to be released on November 24

Adrishya Jalakangal: 5 reasons to watch Tovino Thomas’ mystery drama film
Tovino Thomas in a still from Adrishya Jalakangal

Last Updated: 03.04 PM, Nov 21, 2023


Malayalam star Tovino Thomas has consistently chosen films that leave audiences awestruck with his compelling performances. The actor is now set to appear in Dr Bijukumar Damodaran’s mystery drama, Adrishya Jalakangal, which is slated for its theatrical release on November 24. The movie has already received critical acclaim at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Notably, it is the first Malayalam film to be showcased at the festival. Adrishya Jalakangal also features Nimisha Sajayan and Indrans in pivotal roles.


The film narrates the story of Tovino’s character, who lives in a country setting. Going by the trailer, Adrishya Jalakangal depicts the life of an ordinary man during a war, adding mystical elements to the narrative. It looks like Tovino’s character possesses the ability to communicate with people who have passed away, adding a surreal dimension to the story.

Here are five reasons you must not miss the mystery drama film, starring Tovino Thomas, on the big screen:

1. Tovino Thomas perfectly embodies his character in this anti-war film

There are times when we get to watch actors portraying different shades of characters. However, only a few actors have made it possible for the audience to forget the actor who is playing the role and become engaged with the character on screen. From the trailer, it is quite evident that Tovino has undergone a lot of physical change to portray this role - that of a common man stuck in the strange world of darkness and mystery. The Minnal Murali star seems to have fully immersed himself in this anti-war film, promising an interesting watch.

2. The mystery behind ‘Adrishya Jalakangal’

While the term Adrishya Jalakangal roughly translates to ‘invisible windows’, the trailer provides deeper insights into this mystery drama. It highlights the presence of multiple ‘invisible windows’ or perspectives that only the lead character can see. Through these ‘windows’, he communicates with people who are not visible to others.

Tovino Thomas in Adrishya Jalakangal.
Tovino Thomas in Adrishya Jalakangal.

3. Four mysterious people leave questions behind

The trailer also depicts four anonymous individuals behind the lead character, all wearing a specific uniform. Judging by their appearance, these four individuals may have already passed away, and they now seem to be guiding the lead character on a mysterious mission. It appears that they are attempting to convey a message related to the circumstances of their deaths, urging the lead character to take action to prevent further fatalities.

4. Compelling visuals aptly designed for a mystery drama

The Tovino Thomas starrer features intriguing visuals, with subtle to no reference of mystical elements in the plot. They, however, capture the essence of the metaphysical realm through Yedhu Radhakrishnan’s lens. Although the visuals are simple, they give glimpses into the surrealistic depiction of the ‘other side’.

5. Intriguing background score

The trailer’s dark and mysterious element is propelled by its intriguing music scored by three-time Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej. The background score definitely adds depth to the already gripping narrative of this anti-war mystery drama.

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