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Adrishyam - Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma is the 'biggest green flag'; here's proof | Watch

Adrishyam: The Invisible Heroes is currently streaming on SonyLIV. The makers recently shared a promo of Eijaz Khan being the 'biggest green flag' as Ravi Verma in the series.

Adrishyam - Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma is the 'biggest green flag'; here's proof | Watch
Eijaz Khan in Adrishyam. (Courtesy - SonyLIV)

Last Updated: 01.26 PM, Apr 22, 2024


Adrishyam: The Invisible Heroes premiered on SonyLIV on April 11, 2024. The series stars Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma and Divyanka Tripathi as Parvati Sehgal. Since its premiere, the show, directed by Anshuman Kishore Singh, has been able to keep the audiences intrigued with it storyline. While new episodes of Adrishyam drop every Thursday and Friday at 8 pm, the makers continue to share interesting promos. Recently, the streaming platform dropped a new promo, which proves that Eijaz's character Ravi Verma is the 'biggest green flag'.

Adrishyam's Ravi Verma (Eijaz Khan) is a 'green flag'!

These days, netizens are hooked on the concept of red flags and green flags. Certain characteristics of a human being are taken into consideration to deem someone a 'red flag' and a 'green flag'. The latest promo of Adrishyam, featuring Eijaz Khan as Ravi Verma, highlights some moments, which prove that he is the 'biggest green flag'. If you haven't watched the latest promo of Adrishyam yet, check it out right below:

One instance in the promo features Eijaz's character Ravi apologising to his wife, while he helps a stranger by offering water in a different situation.

Eijaz Khan on playing Ravi Verma in Adrishyam

Earlier, in an official statement, Eijaz Khan spoke about playing the role of Ravi Verma in Adrishyam. "Adrishyam brings me a very exciting opportunity to play a character whose love for his country stands above everything. Ravi Verma embodies strength, determination, and commitment to protect his nation and brings the story of unseen heroes who work the people 24x7," said Khan. The actor added it was an absolute pleasure for him to portray a character who speaks volumes about patriotism.

More about Adrishyam: The Invisible Heroes

Helmed by Anshuman Kishore Singh, Adrishyam: The Invisible Heroes also stars Swaroopa Ghosh, Tarun Anand, Chirag Mehra, Roshnee Rai, Parag Chadha, Zara Khan and Shriya Jha. The spy thriller has been produced by Sachin Pandey and Adity Pandey.

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