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Adrishyam episode 13 preview – Here’s what you can expect from Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show next

There's a new update on Operation Siyasat from Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show, Adrishyam

Adrishyam episode 13 preview – Here’s what you can expect from Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show next

Last Updated: 10.35 AM, May 18, 2024


12 episodes of Adrishyam later, Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show has taken a dark turn. The CM is dead and the culprit is found. Episode 13, about to release on Thursday, May 23, will see Eijaz’s Ravi Verma and Divyanka’s Parvati Segal chase the culprit, who is currently the most wanted terrorist. The makers aka SonyLIV have released a new promo which gives us an insight into what the upcoming episode will be all about.

Operation Siyasat has commenced, Ravi gives an update

When asked for an update, Ravi says, “It takes time but we know that Taarik Malik is responsible for the act.” It is clear that the mission will not be complete till Taarik Malik is with the officials, and they question him regarding the CM’s death. Parvati assures her team by stating they have a plan to capture Taarik despite all hurdles on their path.

Who is Taarik Malik?

The terrorist Taarik Malik is most wanted at this point. He, who has been order to be hanged till death, is in prison but the officials need him alive to get his statement on the CM’s death. This is while there’s a plan to attack the officials in order to free Taarik from the four walls of prison. They dug deep into Taarik’s past and present, only to find his date of execution and what could be a major loss to the department.


What happened in episode 12?

The CM was killed and that led to Operation Siyasat commencing. The CM was strangled to death and there’s more than what meets the eye. His murder was a part of a bigger deal made by criminals who sit at the backfoot. Ravi and Parvati faced chaos, violence and gunshots, thus leading to more losses in their team.

Adrishyam – The Invisible Heroes is available for streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium. 11 episodes of the series are already out and available to subscribers. The show streams on Thursday and Friday at 8 pm.

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