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After Bigg Boss 17 eviction, Tehelka wants to go to Temptation Island but with THIS hottie

Tehelka made his reality show debut with Bigg Boss 17

After Bigg Boss 17 eviction, Tehelka wants to go to Temptation Island but with THIS hottie
Tehalka-Ankita Lokhande

Last Updated: 12.01 AM, Dec 03, 2023


Tehelka is the latest to get evicted from Bigg Boss 17 but that does not mean the end of his reality shows journey. In fact, it is far from it. Tehelka now wants to join Temptation Island. He however has one condition on which he would join the show. Tehelka aka Sunny Arya wants to get on the show with a hottie.

What will make Tehelka go to Temptation Island?

A press statement released claims that Tehelka would go to Temptation Island on one condition. That condition is if Nora Fatehi were to join him on the show. Nora has also been a part of Bigg Boss but has now touched success in Bollywood and she hasn’t looked back at TV since.

Tehelka is married

Tehelka is married and his wife is known to be possessive of him. When Tehelka joined Bigg Boss too, she had come to warn him of what would happen when she sees him with another girl. Thus, it is highly unlikely that he could get into Temptation Island. But, Tehelka hopes that if she permits, he could get on the show. Tehelka was quoted saying, “I am married and my wife would just slap me if I go on this show, she loves me a lot. However, if she permits, I would love to go on this Island with Nora Fatehi!”

Tehelka’s Bigg Boss 17 journey

Tehelka slowly made his mark on Bigg Boss 17. He bonded the most with Arun Mahashetty, who he believes is like his brother now. Tehelka was known for mimicking celebrities. He was mostly seen imitating Sunny Deol on the show.

Tehelka got evicted owing to his temper during fights, especially with Abhishek Kumar. Co-incidentally, Abhishek connected with Tehelka to the level that he pleaded with Bigg Boss not to throw Tehelka out of the show. This is after another fight where Tehelka pulled Abhishek’s t-shirt and tried to push him down a small cliff. Bigg Boss 17 was Tehelka’s first ever reality show and it looks like he’s not ready to end the journey just yet.

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