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After Suriya, Karthi praises Irugapatru: 'A beautiful film with great performances'

Actor Karthi is totally impressed by the latest Tamil romantic comedy Irugapatru. 

After Suriya, Karthi praises Irugapatru: 'A beautiful film with great performances'
Shraddha Srinath and Vikram Prabhu in Irugapatru

Last Updated: 05.58 PM, Oct 09, 2023


Actor Karthi is the latest celebrity to heap praises on the latest Tamil romantic movie Irugapatru. He took to his Twitter page to share his thoughts on the movie, which examines the challenges of modern-day relationships. 

While endorsing the movie to his fans on social media, Karthi also suggested that it would resonate with today's generation. "#Irugapatru - reminds us that it takes a lot of preparation to be a husband/wife. Understanding, love and more importantly mutual respect is what is required to keep relationships going. Kudos to the team behind a beautiful film with great performances that mirrors today’s scenario," he tweeted. 

Earlier, Suriya, Karthi's elder brother, also extended his support to the movie. "Nice to see #Irugapatru getting lots of love. Again a film from @Potential_st with a big heart for good content. Congrats @YDhayalan & team!!," he tweeted. 


All about Irugapatru

Irugapatru was released in cinemas last week. The movie is written and directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan and boasts of an ensemble, including Vikram Prabhu, Shraddha Rama Srinath, Vidharth, Shri, Abarnathi and Saniya Iyyapan. 

Judging from the trailer, Irugapatru follows the lives of three married couples and examines the challenges in all types of marriages. For example, Shri and Saniya Iyyapan play the role of a young couple who enter the wedlock after falling in love with each other. But, their love for each other faces the ultimate test by the mundane reality of the marriage. The marriage between Vidharth and Abarnathi resembles the old idea of arranged marriage, which is mainly for procreation and convenience, as opposed to the grand idea of it being the confluence of two hearts. 

Vikram Prabhu and Shraddha Srinath play another couple who are in another type of marriage, which seems more peaceful and eventful compared to the other two couples. But, are they truly happy in the marriage? 

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