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Ahead of its upcoming season finale, let’s look at the top 6 Money Heist moments

Malavika Menon
Aug 30, 2021
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The ever stunning crime drama, Money Heist has a special place in most of our hearts. We fell in love with the Heist members, vouching for them and hoping they would be successful in robbing the bank and escaping. The series also takes us through an emotional rollercoaster. As the season finale is almost here, here are some top moments to rekindle our fond memories and to refresh some major events in the show.


Berlin punishes Tokyo

Other than being bold, Tokyo is also known for her impulsivity and mood swings and how far she can go if things do not sit right by her. She has been sleep deprived for the longest time and of course, when you do not get enough sleep, you can’t think straight. Tokyo goes crazy and begins a mutiny to become the leader. This triggers Berlin and he ends up chaining her to a table and pushing her by giving her away to the police. Even though it may seem like Berlin punished her for her lack of obedience, in reality, he did the heinous act to rescue the crew and the plan.


When Professor spilled the beans to Raquel

Raquel, tired, hurt and exhausted, is tied up and the Professor tells her about the secrets and robbery that he is involved with. Unlike any other series, the robbery in Money Heist is not motivated by the desire to make a ton of cash, it is a way to defy the capitalist system. The Professor goes back to the notion of where the money began saying ‘it’s just paper’ and tearing the notes saying it has no value but it is the banking system that assigns value to it. This is one of the most important scenes from the series as this is where Raquel switches sides to become Lisbon and ‘one of them’.


Scene when The Professor is bluffed

The police are very close to catching The Professor and Lisbon at this very moment. They both decide to take different directions to make it harder for the forces to get hold of them. While The Professor manages to get out of their hair, Lisbon is caught and the police officer fires the bullet. The Professor hears the bullet shot from the microphone wherein she is still in audio contact with The Professor. He is heartbroken over the fact that his lover got shot. But in reality, he was tricked. Lisbon was alive. This scene shows The Professor, the mastermind behind the heist, in a vulnerable state.


Cop to a thief

This is an anxiety-instilling moment where we think that it's Gandia arriving at the bank to get hold of the Heist members but it is Lisbon who finds her way into the bank. This step is also the final step in the transition of Lisbon from a cop to a thief, creating a revolution. The cop turns against the system because it has done wrong by killing Nairobi.


Breaking the gold vault

The cinematographer and the director of photography have done an immaculate job, to say the least in this particular shot. From capturing the essence of the gold vault to crew members swimming their way through the entire vault to explore and rob the gold, the shot has set a whole different mood and has definitely captured our attention. This is a unique concept that the world of TV or film industry has ever seen. With the concept of an underwater heist, the series has set the bar high for all TV series.


The scent of earth, Moscow finding the path to the tunnel

As we all know there cannot be a money heist without the song ‘Bella ciao’ and this is the scene where it all started. Going back to the basics, the most important is a stage where we have created a bond with characters. We want them to rise triumphant and get the money and escape. Moscow finally finds the soil to the tunnel where the money is kept safe in the Bank of Spain. The whole crew starts to sing and dance to the Bella ciao rhythm at this relief moment.


Berlin’s sacrifice

The silver medal goes to one of the most iconic scenes where Berlin sacrifices himself so that the rest of the members could escape. Even though Berlin appeared as not a favourite character of many, he did become a favourite after his heroic act. He had molested women, manipulated his crew but we tend to forget all that when he decides to sacrifice himself walking solo towards the armed policemen, still battling his way for the life of others. He also saves the hostage whom he was initially using as a human shield during the encounter.

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