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Akshay Kumar considered moving to Canada when 14-15 of his movies flopped

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has always had to defend his decision to attain Canadian citizenship, and how while this move has attracted online trolling, he says he will always be an Indian.

Akshay Kumar considered moving to Canada when 14-15 of his movies flopped
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Last Updated: 03.30 AM, Aug 14, 2022


In a recent episode of Koffee With Karan, host Karan Johar had asked the actor if he faces online trolling, to which he has repied that he doesn't go online "that much". However, he did admit to knowing what kind of trolling he is subjwected to. "At the most, they write about Canada... I don't care," he was heard as saying.

Karan Johar then went on to add that some call him 'Canada Kumar' online, and Akshay was quick to add, "Okay, call me that."

Just a few days later, during an interview with The Lallantop, the controversial Canadian citizenship was brought up when the Bollywood superstar dropped a bombshell: he had wanted to move to Canada as 14-15 of his movies failed to work at the box office. He shared that upon his friend's suggestion, who lived in Canada, he applied for the citizenship and "got it". 

"A lot of people move there for work, but they are still Indians," Akshay Kumar clarified to the news outlet. 

In the year 2019, Akshay Kumar courted controversy after applying for Canadian citizenship and not voting during the Lok Sabha elections. He had said at the time that he was toying with the idea of moving to Canada as his movies had tanked here in India.

"I also thought that if destiny is not supporting me here then I should do something about it,” Akshay further told The Lallantop.

Soon, success came racing back towards him and he decided to stay back in the country. Akshay, during the course of the same interview, explained that he is an Indian in every possible way and that he pays his taxes in India and not Canada as he "works" in "his country". 

"A lot of people say things and they are allowed to. To them, I would just like to say that I am an Indian, and I will always be an Indian," he explained.

Akshay Kumar's latest theatrical release Raksha Bandhan has opened to mixed reviews in the country, with the film doing a lukewarm business at the box office as compared to his previous festival films.