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Akshay Kumar on Ram Setu and Thank God clash at the box office: They are two films with different appeals

Ram Setu and Thank God are the Diwali releases of 2022.

Akshay Kumar on Ram Setu and Thank God clash at the box office: They are two films with different appeals
Ram Setu; Thank God
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.12 AM, Oct 24, 2022


Akshay Kumar brings in the Festival of Lights with the release of his movie Ram Setu. Despite his efforts in his films and his infectious desire to keep going, he is a devoted family man. During an interaction with the Hindustan Times, the 55-year-old discusses family, movies, and the Friday factor ahead of the release of his film.

He said that he doesn't think that will ever change and that it's similar to delivering an exam. One studies for it all year, revises, takes the exam, and then waits for the results. So Friday is the outcome day, and there is a healthy amount of anxiety about the outcome. That is what distinguishes each release.

Speaking about the clash between Ram Setu and Thank God, Akshay said that there is no conflict and it should not be referred to in that way. They are two films with opposing audiences that are being released on the same day. It has occurred in the past and will occur in the future. Fans will watch the one that appeals to them the most, or, better yet, both. The main goal is for their fans to enjoy the film festival with their friends and family.

Ram Setu is deeply ingrained in Indian history and culture. On the factual side, the team did a lot of research to think about what is true and find many facts that had not been known before. On the spiritual and emotional front, they have not only treated each other with respect, but Akshay can also say that the principles and beliefs associated with Shri Ram and Ram Setu are being kept uniquely.

The actor supposes it would have to be every action film he has ever worked on. Sometimes it's not the major stunts that are the most dangerous. Akshay has been hurt while doing simple moves that both his stunt team and he thought were easy. The key is to be prepared every time, to double-check your weapons, wires, and timing. In their market, one can never be too cautious.

There is a cost to everything. But Khiladi Kumar would never do anything that would offer his family no joy or pride. If it hurts, disgusts, or disappoints them, his heart is uninterested. The actor lives for their approval of his work; it wouldn't be the same if he knew that any endeavour didn't make them feel comfortable and happy on the inside.

Akshay's family was studying in London, and he was looking forward to their return to begin the celebrations. Nothing beats playing games with his wife, author Twinkle Khanna, and kids, Aarav and Nitara. He believes they are busier than he is, and the actor says this with great pride. But one thing they never do is whine, and they do miss each other. But being married for 20 years and still missing each other is a blessing in itself. For him, nothing in this world is half as enjoyable without his family.