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Al Pacino, Shia LaBeouf & others to star in David Mamet's reimagining of JFK assassination

Viggo Mortensen, John Travolta, Rebecca Pidgeon and Courtney Love, too, star in the film titled Assassination

Al Pacino, Shia LaBeouf & others to star in David Mamet's reimagining of JFK assassination
David Mamet to retell the story of the JFK assassination

Last Updated: 05.28 PM, May 15, 2023


Oliver Stone's seminal 1991 film JFK beautifully captured the paranoia and the frenzy that surrounded the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy, with a majority of the sprawling 3 hours (+) narrative focusing on District Attorney Jim Garrison's crusades to unravel the conspiracy. The assassination, which stands as one of the most discussed events of modern history, has been theorized and looked at from several angles and one such distinct perspective will soon find its cinematic form.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, screenwriter and director David Mamet is set to focus his gaze on the JFK assassination through the help of a vibrant ensemble cast that includes Al Pacino, Viggo Mortensen, John Travolta, Shia LaBeouf, Rebecca Pidgeon and Courtney Love. Titled Assassination, the Mamet-led thriller will reportedly (according to Deadline) recount the narrative from the mob's point of view by 'reimagining John F. Kennedy's death as a hit ordered by Chicago mob kingpin Sam Giancana as payback for JFK’s attempt to undermine the mob after they helped get him elected'.

Oliver Stone's 1991 film comprehensive take on the Assassination does refer and allude to the influence of the mob but it would seem that David Mamet is keen on lending his own viewpoint with his upcoming directorial. Mamet has also co-written the script with Nicholas Celozzi, the grandnephew of Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana. 

John F. Kennedy was assassinated while seated in his presidential motorcade on the afternoon of November 22, 1963. U.S. Marine veteran Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the death but a couple of days later, on November 24, he, too, was fatally shot by a Dallas nightclub operator Jack Ruby in front of live television cameras. Although Lee Harvey Oswald 

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