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Alaya F reveals she was ‘strongly against’ being an actor: I couldn’t speak Hindi or dance to save my life

The film Freddy, in which Alaya F co-stars with Kartik Aaryan, is currently scheduled for release.

Alaya F reveals she was ‘strongly against’ being an actor: I couldn’t speak Hindi or dance to save my life

  • Kanishka Dogra

Last Updated: 12.45 PM, Sep 17, 2022


Alaya F made her acting debut in Saif Ali Khan's 2020 film Jawaani Jaaneman. But it seems that the actress did not originally intend to make her mark in front of the camera. Alaya recently revealed that she originally intended to become a movie director, and not an actor.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Alaya discussed how she resisted trying to follow what other people told her in the initial days of her career. She added,“Everyone kept telling me ‘yeh toh actor banegi‘ (she’ll become an actor). But it was more like, ‘kuch aur nahi hoga, yeh toh actor hi ban jaayegi‘ (she won’t be able to be anything else, she’ll become an actor only). I was like… I was quite good in school, I would go out partying, I’d not study that much but my grades were always good. So I was like… I can actually do whatever I want, people are underestimating me. So I wanted to prove to everyone that I can do whatever I want, I’ll be a director, I still loved the films.”

When questioned if her mother Pooja Bedi and grandfather Karan Bedi had ever encouraged her to pursue acting, Alaya replied, "No, I was so strongly against becoming an actor so they were like okay don't be an actor." She went on to say that if they had to give her advice, they would have urged her not to pursue a career in acting. She explained that it was because she couldn't dance or speak Hindi.

She said, “I got myself prepared for it with a lot of hard work. I was a terrible dancer, I could not speak Hindi because. All through my life at home I’ve only spoken English, with every one… we all talk in English. (I) couldn’t speak in Hindi, couldn’t dance to save my life, in fact I wasn’t even such a Bollywood buff. But I’m someone if I set my mind on something I’ll do it to death. I was like, this is my addiction.”

Alaya, whose performance in her debut movie earned positive reviews, did not appear in any further projects after that. The actress admitted that it was difficult for her to remain motivated throughout the difficult period, but she worked extremely hard. She continues, "I look back at that version of me and I think how if I can get even 50% of what that girl was doing…"

Alaya also mentioned how important working hard is when things are going well, but that it may be challenging when they are not.

Next, Alaya will appear in Freddy with Kartik Aaryan. Shashanka Ghosh will helm the film.