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All the three Khans rule the Chinese market as well, says Buolo Ren Pablo

A devout student of theological philosophy, Buolo Ren Pablo's love for story telling led him to the world of cinema where he excelled as a filmmaker and film marketer

All the three Khans rule the Chinese market as well, says Buolo Ren Pablo

Last Updated: 11.52 PM, May 17, 2023


Buolo Ren Pablo is the current Vice General of the China based ‘Mobius Entertainment’. A devout student of theological philosophy, Buolo's love for story telling led him to the world of cinema where he excelled as a filmmaker and film marketer. He wanted to tell stories that would reach every corner of the world and to realize that dream he became an expert in the marketing and promotional aspect of filmmaking. This led to him becoming a well-versed producer and heading a production and distribution company that specializes in distributing foreign films in China. Buolo Ren has a strong understanding and knowledge of Indian and South Asian films. These factors have enabled Buolo Ren to be instrumental in leading his company to curate many films in more than a dozen International Film Festivals.

OTTplay met up with Buolo Ren Pablo for an exclusive interview.

Pablo, kindly tell us, on what basis you choose the films that you feel are to be released in China?
Not OK so releasing India cinema or other foreigner cinemas in theoretically in China, the first point we we are thinking about its whether it is commercial or not because you know we.  Using the biz model like the invest income, so our invest would be the rights MG, the PR fee and also some other extra monies. So within this kind of contents, we will check how many how many cinemas we can occupied if we can occupy somehow like one third, one third of the screening numbers, we will do that.

How important is the box-office collection for you to choose the film that’s to be released in China?
Actually the box office which are in India or in other countries are there... It is done already.  It's none of our business, it's their market. So if one of elements to let us think about whether it OK or not, we have a data somehow like if the foreigner or overseas territory market or box office is 5, so we divide by 5. So mean to see we only expect less.

And how important is the film’s content?
Family, women, children and something very emotional and something very action, something are very profounding but not philosophy. But it's very low. It's a very normal life. It's. It's somehow, like happened in China. It's so important, it's hundred percentage about the content as well, but you know with the good content or quality of the stories, we have also doing the PR. Now the PR is also balanced now making things make the content fly.

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In case a film does not do exceptional business in India, but it has a arresting story plot, will you consider it to be released in China or will you give it a skip since it was not commercially successful in India?
Yes, of course. The first three, the most important is the content. And if it doesn't work well in India or other countries, there would be some reasons. So we don't know. So if this this kind of the story or titles came in to us, we will check, invite invite different aspects of for the followers to have a private screen and we will give them the point that we will give them forms to fill. And, if the points’ average is over 6, that means it’s a yes.

Who are the Bollywood actors who are ruling the China market?
Oh My God! It's so easy... All the three Khans- Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan! This is an answer that’s without any doubt!

What are your plans of having an Indo-China collaboration film?
We have our plans in that direction. We need to zero down upon a beautiful story that’s worth collaborating. Like in Bollywood, they had made a film on ‘Dr. Kotnis’. We need good stories that speak about love, families, education etc...

Since you had released the films like ‘Dangal’, ‘PK’, ‘Secret Superstar’ and ‘Andhadhun’ in China, what do you think that these films had which enabled them to strike a chord with the Chinese cinegoers?The stories of these films touched the audience.

What are the future films in the pipeline?
There are great domestic films. We are focusing on animation films as well.

Which Bollywood films are your favorite and why?
The Aamir Khan starrer ‘PK’. The reason being that I was a theological student. And., I love the story that happened in that film.

Which Bollywood stars are your favorite and why?
Again... The three Khans. Plus, my new star Anil Kapoor as well. I met him yesterday. we will be releasing his film ‘Total Dhamaal’ in China in the days to come.

Please recall your experience of participating in FICCI Frames 2023?
Extremely well organized and very friendly. It's like a big family reunion of all the film lovers.

Considering the present-day tension that brewing between the two countries, what's your strategy/ plan to get opportunities for Indian films from the Chinese audience?
We are from the cultural side. We don’t know about politics. We will always be friends with each other.

Lastly, your most memorable Bollywood dialogue till date?
There are way too many dialogues that I like. So, it's kind oi not possible to single out any one particular dialogue.

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