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Alone: Mohanlal’s character goes through several emotions in every scene, says the film’s composers | Exclusive

Music directors 4 Musics tells us why it difficult to score for Mohanlal’s Alone, helmed by Shaji Kailas

Alone: Mohanlal’s character goes through several emotions in every scene, says the film’s composers | Exclusive
Mohanlal in a still from Alone

Last Updated: 12.07 PM, Jan 24, 2023


Scoring the music for a single-actor movie is never easy, especially when the aspect is as important as the performance of the artistes. Music directors 4 Musics had to take up the challenge for Mohanlal’s upcoming movie Alone, which is helmed by Shaji Kailas.

Jim Jacob, from the team that also comprises Biby Mathew, , Eldhose Alias, Justin James and Jimson James, tells OTTplay in an exclusive chat, the tasks they had to undertake to score for the lockdown thriller, which is set to hit theatres on January 26.

“Lal sir’s character goes through an array of emotions in the film. In every scene, he goes through different emotions,” says Jim, adding that’s what the majority who had spent their time in isolation during the pandemic lockdown would have done.


“When anyone is stuck in a flat in such a situation, they do that. Say, for instance, you start playing games by yourself, do something fun and after a while, you start feeling anxious and desperate. All of those emotions that one goes through in such a situation where he or she is isolated, is captured in this film,” he says.

Jim and his team had also collaborated in Mohanlal’s previous films such as Oppam, Villain and Ittymaani: Made in China. But in this film, the challenge was different. “All these emotions change spontaneously too. So, you don’t have that time or space for an incident to happen and then die down before another situation occurs. So, in one frame itself, we had about two to three emotions. For instance, when the protagonist first hears about the pandemic. The music for all of these emotions has to change in a flash, and that was a huge challenge. The entire film is sustained by the effects of music and the dialogues,” he says.

While Mohanlal will be the only actor seen on screen in Alone, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manju Warrier, Siddique and Mallika Sukumaran have also lent their voice for characters that could be heard through phone calls.

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