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American metal band Dream Theater gets back together with founding member and drummer Mike Portnoy

Despite separating in 2010 and not wanting to get back together, the magic took place on October 23, 2023. Famed drummer Mike Portnoy is finally reunited with his old band Dream Theater after 13 years

American metal band Dream Theater gets back together with founding member and drummer Mike Portnoy

Band Dream Theater is finally reunited with drummer Mike Portnoy after 13 years 

Last Updated: 02.33 AM, Oct 26, 2023


After getting disappointed time and again for the past 13 years, the flickering embers of hope have finally turned into a blazing hearth, for Mike Portnoy is back as the drummer of American metal band Dream Theater. The band was originally formed by vocalist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and Mike Portnony, back in 1985 at the Berklee College of Music. Other veteran members of the band include vocalist James Labrie and keyboardist Jordan Rudess.

However, Mike Portnoy’s entry means the departure of drummer Mike Mangini from the band. Post Portnoy’s departure, Mangini had been playing for the band since 2010. However, Mangini’s statement to the press showcases that he is not only a top-notch drummer but also a level-headed professional full of empathy. “ I understand Dream Theater’s decision to get Mike Portnoy back. As was said from Day 1, my place was not to fill all the roles that Mike held in the band. I was to play the drums in order to help the band carry on.”

Further, Mangini expressed his gratitude for the experience and fond memories he got during his time with the band. He was also thankful for the Grammy they collectively won in 2022 and the moments associated with it. He ended by wishing everyone luck. The other members of the band could not help but praise Mangini’s insane drumming skills as well as his kind persona, but they were all very excited to work together again, especially John Petrucci.

Portnoy himself felt overwhelmed with joy at the idea of returning back home and reuniting with his band brothers. He said, “ There is so much shared history between us many memories, so much think we’re coming up on 40 years since this journey began!” He further expressed his eagerness to create and play music for a new generation of fans who never saw the band perform live before.

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