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Animal out on OTT - Has Netflix released the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer with deleted scenes? Here's the truth

Here's all you need to know about the contractual disputes and extended runtime surrounding Sandeep Reddy Vanga's controversial film, Animal.

Animal out on OTT - Has Netflix released the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer with deleted scenes? Here's the truth
Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna in Animal

Last Updated: 12.15 PM, Jan 26, 2024


Animal has made it to OTT on Netflix nearly two months after its successful theatrical run. The film minted over Rs. 500 crore at the box office and is one of the biggest hits in Bollywood. Moreover, the film has become one of the best outings of Ranbir Kapoor with polarised opinions, thanks to Sandeep Reddy Vanga. During its theatrical run, the runtime of the film was three hours and 21 minutes. Netflix has released the film with an extended runtime.

Netflix release with deceptive gimmick

The streaming platform mentions that Animal is streaming with additional scenes of about three minutes, and the film's duration is now three hours and 24 minutes.  However, there's a catch: it has turned out to be a gimmick! The OTT version also lasts only three hours and 21 minutes, mirroring the film's duration on the big screen. Despite reports of several additional scenes, the OTT version fails to offer anything new. Well, we wonder why Netflix did this deceptive act and increased the excitement of a few fans who were not done with what they saw in theatres.

Here's proof.

Animal on Netflix
Animal on Netflix

Attempts to postpone OTT launch

After settling a disagreement between T Series and co-producer CINE 1 Studios Private Limited, this whole fiasco unfolded. They became embroiled in a legal maze due to alleged contract violations. After reaching an agreement, the two sides notified the Delhi High Court. Their comprehension clears the path for the film's release on OTT.

Before the OTT launch, CINE 1 Studios tried to postpone it. T Series, whose full name is Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, allegedly violated the contract. The agreement spelled out certain rights and equal ownership. So far as anyone can tell, the T series disregarded these constraints. Controversy arose over unapproved film releases, production and marketing budgets, and the absence of necessary consultations.

On January 22nd, the parties announced the resolution. Both sides' senior solicitors have verified a settlement. They said they would present this agreement to the court. Delhi High Court Justice Sanjeev Narula will review the matter again on January 24.


Additionally, CINE 1 Studios has claimed that the T series has engaged in financial misbehaviour. They claimed that T-Series was hiding their production expenses and withholding revenue. CINE 1 also exposed T-Series' failure to consult on promotional initiatives. Marketing plans, censor certification, credit acknowledgments, and the publication of teasers and trailers are all part of this.

The T series rebutted these assertions. Amit Sibal, their lawyer, claimed that CINE 1 had withheld an important document. Reportedly, this paper stated that CINE 1 had sold the rights to their film for ₹2.2 crore. The lawyer for CINE 1, Sandeep Sethi, responded by saying the paper was fake.

Criticism surrounding Animal

Talking about Animal, the film has been slammed left, right, and centre by critics and many moviegoers. However, the makers and the cast were unfazed as they celebrated the box office success of the film. Moreover, Vanga even didn't hesitate to call out people, as he couldn't handle the criticism from critics as well as prolific artists such as Javed Akhtar.

Animal is currently streaming on Netflix.

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