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Anupam Kher pays a sweet tribute to best friend Satish Kaushik on death anniversary – WATCH

Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik had been best friends for decades before the latter passed away last year on March 9. Today, Kher took to social media to pay a touching tribute.

Anupam Kher pays a sweet tribute to best friend Satish Kaushik on death anniversary – WATCH

Anupam Kher with his best friend, Satish Kaushik

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Mar 09, 2024


Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik have been bosom buddies almost all their lives. But after Satish Kaushik’s sudden death last year on March 9, Kher was heartbroken, especially because he lost his his friend soon after his birthday (March 7). Moreover, his desire to invite Kaushik and his daughter over for a birthday dinner on March 9 or 10 was never fulfilled.

Anupam Kher’s touching tribute to Satish Kaushik on his death anniversary

Today, on the first death anniversary of Satish Kaushik, his bestie has penned a touching note for him, along with a beautiful video. On Instagram, Anupam Kher poured his heart into a letter to Satish Kaushik. He discussed the beautiful context of the video, sharing and reminding a faraway Kaushik of the friendship video he had shown him on Kher’s birthday, March 7, 2023.

They were in Satish Kaushik’s office at the time, and the sweetest thing about the video attached to the post, as clarified by Anupam Kher, is its candidness. Satish Kaushik never knew his reaction to watching the video was being recorded. Despite today’s ill-fated date, Kher remembers his bestie just as he always was: lively, innocent, cheerful, and "and unmatched gift of friendship."

Anupam Kher tried to end his deeply intimate and stirring letter to Satish Kaushik with a brave facade, declaring that he does not miss the latter as he has gone nowhere distant. But the next moment, he dismisses the lie and admits that he misses his best friend a lot. And most of all, Anupam Kher yearns to hear his friend talk and crack his nonsense jokes again.

An unseen peek at the Satish Kaushik Anupam Kher deeply misses

The video clip attached to the post featured an engrossed Satish Kaushik in his office, carefully watching the video Kher made. After watching it sincerely, in his usual jovial style, he lauds ‘Kher Sahab’ and says its superb and a perfectly poetic depiction of their friendship. Watching this unseen clip of Satish Kaushik laughing and talking, especially after his long absence, is bound to move any netizen to prickling tears.

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