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Anupama - Namaste America April 26, 2022 written update: Anupama gets a chance to visit the city of her dreams, much to the dismay of Vanraj and Leela

Anupama manages to dance her way into grabbing a rare opportunity, and Vanraj is forced to hide how much this bothers him.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 01.05 PM, Apr 27, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America April 26, 2022 written update: Anupama gets a chance to visit the city of her dreams, much to the dismay of Vanraj and Leela

The second episode opens with a scene from Vanraj’s boss’ party. When Vanraj arrives, a person remarks whether or not Vanraj is actually married, as they had never seen his wife. Just then, a delighted Anupama appears from behind him.

We see that Vanraj had not brought Anupama along because he wanted to. Rather, Moti Baa had forced him to bring Anupama, after she saw her crying. As a happy Anupama leaves with Vanraj, Leela is seen with a frustrated look on her face.

Back at the party, everyone is captivated by Anupama’s down to earth nature and charm, much to the embarrassment of Vanraj. The boss’ wife asks that since it is Anupama’s first time at the party, she has to treat the guests to some form of entertainment. Anupama decides to dance, just as Vanraj is about to say no, his boss intervenes and Vanraj is forced to smile and agree.

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Anupama puts up an enchanting and spirited dance performance, throughout which Vanraj is seen with an annoyed look on his face. Her performance earns Anupama praise and applause from everyone. While Vanraj’s attempts to discuss the US project are shut down by his boss, the boss’ wife offers Anupama a chance to promote her dancing skills at an event organised by them where Indian Housewives are given a chance to display their skills. To everyone’s surprise the event in question, which the boss’ wife asks Anupama to attend, is in the USA.

On the question of who would look after the children if Anupama goes to the US, everyone at the party says Vanraj would take up the responsibility, as everyone views him as a supportive husband who does not stay in the way of his wife’s dreams.

Back at the house, Leela is seen complaining about Anupama going to the party, while she herself is stuck doing household work. At this, Moti Baa says if daughter in laws should not go to parties, then Leela too should not attend an engagement party the whole family is invited to as well. Just as Babuji says that its natural for daughter in laws to go out once in a while, Anupama comes rushing in proclaiming that she is going to America.

The news is well received by everyone, except Leela, who cannot believe Vanraj said yes. Leela is not aware that Vanraj was forced to say yes because of everyone at the party. Moti Baa is especially pleased at the news, saying she always knew Anupama would soar to new heights and wants to broadcast the news to everyone.

Anupama reveals that before she can go, she must give Vanraj’s boss’ wife an audition, which she must clear. Leela heaves a sigh of relief, as she sees a chance to prevent Anupama from leaving. As part of the audition, Anupama has to record a video of her dancing and send it to the woman by evening. When Leela asks if she would be able to do it, Anupama says she will give it her best no matter the difficulties. Moti Baa also says that the family will band together to look after the children, when Leela asks about the same. Anupama says that family is the most important support for any mother to move forward. Leela thinks of ways to stop Anupama from leaving, and Moti Baa says she will foil Leela’s plans.

Vanraj is seen with a sinister look on his face. Staring at Anupama’s passport he thinks about how he had made the document just for a formality at his office and never imagined that she would actually use it. As he is seen contemplating whether or not to destroy the passport, he receives a message from someone which says they will be arriving in India and will see him tomorrow. Vanraj utters the name ‘Ritika’ and immediately starts rummaging through his things, and takes out a photograph.

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We see that Ritika and Vanraj had been in a relationship long back, and had broken up when Ritika moved to the US. Vanraj starts to wonder what fate has in store for him.