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Anupama - Namaste America April 27, 2022 written update: Vanraj tries to foil Anupama’s chances to go to America

On Anupama’s audition day, Vanraj tries to ensure that her audition tapes do not reach his boss’ wife.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 03.00 AM, May 04, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America April 27, 2022 written update: Vanraj tries to foil Anupama’s chances to go to America

Anupama and Moti Baa share some pleasant moments together. While the former massages her feet, Moti Baa tells Anupama about the days from her youth. Moti Baa says she was one of the first brides from her village to go to the city, and talks about the support she received from her husband. She makes an important comment about the way society makes these unwritten rules for women to stifle their rights. 

She encourages Anupama to call Vanraj by name. Moti Baa also talks about the importance of loving one’s partner, as well as respecting them, citing examples of Leela and Vanraj. She says Anupama should never stop chasing her dreams. This warm moment between Anupama and Moti Baa is witnessed by Leela.

Back in her room, Anupama cannot contain her happiness at her chance to go to America, and thanks god for giving her such a supportive husband. Unaware to her, Vanraj is listening to all this while pretending to be asleep, and thinks to himself that once Anupama crosses the threshold of their house, it would be hard for her to keep her feet on the ground. He wants a wife, he thinks, and not a dancer. As he decides that Anupama will not leave for America, he gets a text message.

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On the next morning, on the day of her audition, Anupama is seen in a pleasant mood, clutching ghungroos in hand and sharing pleasantries with everyone around her. The whole family gathers to witness her audition, with Vanraj renting a video camera to film the same. But even before her audition starts, Anupama faces several snags, such as Vanraj ‘forgetting’ to hit record and her sons coming in the way. Anupama gives a spirited dance performance,and Vanraj gets a text from Ritika saying that she’s waiting for him at her favourite restaurant. 

After getting the text, Vanraj cuts the audition short and leaves before Anupama gets a chance to ask him how she performed. Moti Baa and others appreciate Anupama's performance. 

Vanraj gets ready to meet up with Ritika, even hiding his graying hair with eyeliner. As he is leaving, Leela confronts him and asks him if he thinks what Anupama is doing is right. Vanraj assures Leela that Anupama will not go to America, as he has only recorded the audition and has no plans of sending it across. Vanraj thinks that Anupama is a housewife, and housewives are meant to remain inside the house. As Vanraj leaves, Anupama is seen praying for him and Moti Baa remarks that when it comes to Vanraj, Anupama easily forgets everything else.

At the restaurant, Ritika is seen waiting for Vanraj, who stares at her outside the restaurant.