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Anupama Namaste America April 27 spoiler: Anupama's joy knows no bounds as she gets offer from the US

Anupama's happiness can't be stood by Vanraj and he wishes for her to never step out of the house. 

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 01.09 PM, May 02, 2022

Anupama Namaste America April 27 spoiler: Anupama's joy knows no bounds as she gets offer from the US

In Anupama: Namaste America, during the party in the Shah household, the series is gearing up for a huge narrative twist. Anupama's offer from America brings delight to her home, and her entire family congratulates her. She's giddy with delight, and her joy knows no bounds. Vanraj is annoyed by Anupama's love of dance and her offer to go to America.

He, on the other hand, is helpless and goes along with the game. His boss tells him to transmit Anupama's audition tape and passport information. Anupama becomes ecstatic and begins preparing for the audition video, but Vanraj becomes suspicious and ends up assisting Anupama in filming the video.

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Is Vanraj truly assisting Anupama in achieving her goal? Or is there any other reason he's doing this?

Meanwhile, Vanraj arrives at the party in Tuesday's episode. His coworkers tease him, wondering if he is married or if the rumour is true. Anupama is welcomed to the gathering by Vanraj. The episode jumps back to Moti-Baa, where Anupama is crying since Vanraj declined to take her to the celebration. Moti-Baa instructs Vanraj to accompany her. Everyone greets Anupama, who responds with a heartfelt 'Jai Shree Krishna.' Vanraj is embarrassed, but he remains silent. The way Vanraj's boss's wife greets Anupama makes her very happy. Anupama is described as "adorable."

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Anupama is later asked by the boss's wife to pay the entertainment tax. She agrees to perform for them as a dancer. Anupama dazzles everyone with her classical dancing performance. That lady is completely enthralled by her exquisite dance. Anupama demonstrates her modesty by stating that she only dances and manages her household, whereas the others here work in large offices. Domestic engineering is the most difficult and novel job, according to the lady. He tries to question his employer about the US project, but he refuses, and she becomes the evening's star. His wife informs her that she promotes Indian talent on a global scale and that she would like to take Anupama with her.

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She tells Anupama that she would like to take her to the United States for a week. On learning that his boss has postponed his trip to the US until next year, Vanraj is left in shock. Just then, Anupama looks at him to seek his permission. By telling Vanraj that they have no objections, everyone backs her. Vanraj agrees by pretending to be happy. Everyone is happy at home, but Leela is disappointed since Anupama is planning a trip to America. Leela is asked to help Moti-Baa. Vanraj feels underwhelmed by the evening. He receives a text from his ex-girlfriend, Ritika, who informs him that she is visiting India and would like to meet him. Vanraj has doubts about fate.

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