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Anupama - Namaste America May 2, 2022 written update: Leela and Vanraj try to foil Anupama’s visa interview

Dolly receives a marriage proposal and Anupama struggles to get to the visa office in time.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.18 PM, May 04, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America May 2, 2022 written update: Leela and Vanraj try to foil Anupama’s visa interview

After Leela advises Vanraj to shower Anupama with so much love that the latter finds it difficult to leave for America, Vanraj sets his plan into motion. He tells Anupama that he does not know how he would live when she goes away, and the two share a romantic night together.

In the morning, Anupama is all smiles, and her joy increases when Vanraj seemingly mumbles in his sleep about how much she means to him. An airplane passes by just then, and Anupama dreams of her journey to America, while Vanraj is adamant not to let her go.

During her morning pooja for her Kanha ji, Anupama breaks into song, with Babuji joining her. The whole family, except Leela and Vanraj, join her revelry. During the song she prepares herself for her interview in English. Vanraj keeps up the act of showering Anupama with affection, when he sees how dedicated she is to learning English.

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After 20 days, the day of Anupama’s visa interview finally arrives. She thanks Kanha ji for everything, especially the support she received from her family, and asks that her interview goes well. Leela plans something to wreck Anupama’s interview.

On the morning of her interview, Anupama seeks blessings from Kanha ji and her family. She is to leave for the visa office by 9 AM, but Vanraj is nowhere to be found to take her, having left for his office at 7 AM. Moti Baa asks Hasmukh(Babuji) and Dolly to take Anupama instead. But just as they are about to leave, a family arrives at their doorstep.

It turns out that they are here with a marriage proposal for Dolly, and Leela tells Moti Baa that she(Leela) had ‘accidentally’ given the family that date to come to the Shah’s house. The family asks if they have come at a bad time, and Leela says no. Moti Baa and Hasmukh wonder what to do, as the clock keeps ticking.

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Meanwhile, Vanraj is seen leisurely sipping tea at the roadside, and receives a call from Ritika which he does not pick up. At home, Anupama is stuck preparing food for the guests and the boy’s family interact with the Shahs. Ritika keeps calling Vanraj and he picks up, pretending not to hear her and cuts the call.

Dolly is frustrated at the boys’ family’s arrival and gets angry with Leela for scheduling the visit today. Anupama defends Leela by saying she must have forgotten and refuses to leave for the visa office even after Dolly's insistence. The interaction between the two families go well. While discussing wedding plans, Leela accidentally says that Vanraj might be coming any minute and the family realises that something fishy is going on.

The boys’ family ask if the wedding can take place as soon as the first week of next month, which is when Anupama’s US trip is scheduled. Leela readily agrees to this, and says Anupama will handle everything. Moti Baa takes Hasmukh aside and asks him to take Anupama for her interview, promising to deal with Leela later. The boys’ family too take no issue to Anupama leaving, and they set off. But their auto gets stuck in traffic and Anupama worries how they will reach in time.