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Anupama - Namaste America April 30, 2022 written update: Anupama is overjoyed for her trip to America; Ritika tries to convince Vanraj for a second chance

While the whole family celebrates Anupama’s selection, Leela plans something sinister.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 01.09 PM, May 02, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America April 30, 2022 written update: Anupama is overjoyed for her trip to America; Ritika tries to convince Vanraj for a second chance

After his boss tells him that Anupama has been selected to go to America, Vanraj is left shocked. With his whole family and Ritika gathered around him, he realises that there is no use in lying and is forced to tell them the truth.

Anupama’s joy knows no bounds, and she hugs Vanraj and thanks god for her life, while Moti Baa dances and celebrates. Leela is seen with a frustrated look on her face. Ritika tells Vanraj that now they have enough time to think about their future. Ritika joins the family in celebrating and tells Anupama that it is fate.Ritika asks Vanraj to drop her off at her hotel. Although the rest of the family is less than pleased with the idea, Anupama agrees.

After Vanraj and Ritika leave, Anupama immediately goes back to her room. She puts on Vanraj’s shirt and sunglasses and dances around, imitating Vanraj and singing a poem for him in her head. She also starts to pack for her journey.

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While Vanraj is dropping Ritika off, she runs her hands all over him and the former tells her to stop. Anupama becomes embarrassed when she is caught wearing Vanraj’s shirt by Moti Baa. The latter asks Anupama what is on her mind, and she talks about how she is saddened by the thought of leaving her family. Moti Baa scolds her and tells her not to cry until the day she leaves.

Their conversation then moves to Ritika, and Moti Baa warns Anupama not to blindly trust everyone she meets. Anupama says that Ritika and Vanraj are just friends and had she too would have made male friends had her mother allowed her to. She then says that although she herself did not have any male friends, her best friend Devika did have a close friend called Anuj. Anupama then jokes that if Ritika did try to pull something, Moti Baa could handle her.

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Meanwhile, Vanraj tries to convince Ritika that he has no interest in restarting their relationship. Ritika tells him that she is able to see through his ‘drama’. She says that she knows Vanraj still loves her and is not happy with his life at the moment. Recalling their breakup, Vanraj scolds her and says she cannot always be the one to keep making decisions.

Back at home, the whole family helps Anupama in packing and Leela becomes angry seeing that many of her nice things are also being given to Anupama. Moti Baa says that when Anupama goes to America, it will be like she is representing her country so she needs to look as memorable as possible.

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The family start to discuss international roaming plans and Leela gets frustrated again and asks why they have to talk about this all right now when Anupama doesn't leave for another two months. Moti Baa gives Anupama a precious shawl, and Leela is further angered.

When Vanraj comes back, Leela meets him outside and orders him to stop Anupama from going to America, at any cost. She says that while he can't force Anupama to stay, he could always persuade her lovingly. Leela says that love is the strongest tool to keep a woman tied down and tells Vanraj to shower Anupama with so much love that the latter is pained at even the thought of leaving him.

Leela says that she has no problem in being the villain, and she believes that a woman’s place is in the house. She fears that once Anupama gets a taste of the outside world and gets successful, she will forget her household duties. Vanraj is left with a difficult decision to make.