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Anupama - Namaste America April 29, 2022 written update: Vanraj is shocked after Ritika invites herself to his home and meets Anupama

Vanraj’s attempts at foiling Anupama’s audition do not go his way.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.37 PM, Apr 29, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America April 29, 2022 written update: Vanraj is shocked after Ritika invites herself to his home and meets Anupama

Vanraj returns home frustrated after meeting Ritika, playing their conversation in his head over and over again. In the midst of household chores, Anupama anxiously waits for her husband. When Vanraj arrives and realises that Anupama is wearing his perfume, he scolds her and tells her never to do it again. Moti Baa intervenes and chides him, asking him to apologise to Anupama.

When Moti Baa asks Vanraj about Anupama’s audition results, he lies and says they haven't announced it yet. He tells the whole family not to put too much hope on the prospect of Anupama getting it, saying that she was out of practice. Anupama says that she gave it her best and she believes that Vanraj’s boss will call them soon. Just then Vanraj’s boss calls him.

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The boss says that his wife was so excited that she had send the video of Anupama dancing at the party as part of Anupama’s audition. The boss tells Vanraj that another audition tape was not needed and they could expect to hear the results soon. Vanraj lies and tells his family that it was a work related call. As Anupama doubles down on her belief that she will get a positive result, Ritika arrives at the house.

Vanraj is shocked to see Ritika, and she invites herself in. The whole family comes to meet Ritika, who Vanraj introduces as his old college friend. Paritosh is asked to touch Ritika’s feet, but she says no. Leela prods Dolly to say something in English to Ritika, and Dolly asks how long she(Ritika) had been living in the US. Moti Baa tells Ritika that Anupama will soon go to America.

Seeing Ritika is uncomfortable, Anupama tries to break the awkward silence by talking about how they are staying in a rented house, and their own home is undergoing renovations. When Vanraj praises Anupama, Ritika gets jealous and remarks how happy Anupama seems to be despite being just a housewife. Moti Baa takes offence and before she can intervene, Vanraj comes to Anupama’s rescue and talks about how important a housewife’s work actually is, repeating the dialogue said by his boss’ wife at the party about how housewives would draw more salary than a CEO if they were paid for their work. Anupama is delighted at hearing Vanraj’s words of praise.

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Leela, who suspected something fishy going on, confronts Vanraj who reveals all about his meeting with Ritika. Leela warns Vanraj not to do anything that might break up the family and says she is watching him.

Ritika is asked about her husband and children, and she says that she has no children and is separated from her husband. When asked the reason for their separation, Ritika says that there was no longer any love between her and her husband, and she felt that she had made a mistake. The family is surprised hearing that Ritika had left her husband despite there not being any arguments between them.

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Just then Vanraj receives a call from his boss and is forced to pick it up as the whole family gathers around him. His boss congratulates Vanraj saying that Anupama has been selected to go to America, much to Vanraj’s shock.

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