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Anupama Namaste America April 26 spoiler: Anupama’s dance helps her take the first step towards fulfilling her big dream

We have to wait and watch to see if Anupama will be able to visit the city of her dreams at long last.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 12.07 PM, Apr 28, 2022

Anupama Namaste America April 26 spoiler: Anupama’s dance helps her take the first step towards fulfilling her big dream

Hotstar Anupama - Namaste America, created by Rajan Shahi and Ishika Shahi under their production name iShahi Entertainment, leaves no stone undone in ensuring that its viewers remain glued to their televisions. In the next episodes, fans will see Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) execute a jaw-dropping classical performance that will leave everyone speechless. 

While Vanraj's (Sudhanshu Pandey) boss's wife can't stop complimenting Anupama, she gives her an opportunity that leaves her stunned. Anupama is on cloud nine after seeing her ambition of learning the art of dance in America come true in the most unexpected way. Vanraj, who had been observing things from afar, had no choice but to accept this offer.

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Will Vanraj's strategy be foiled as a result of this? Will Anupama be able to visit the city of her dreams at long last?

hers,Anupama opens the first episode by gathering newspapers and a brochure that reads, "Be ready to visit America." Looking at it fascinates Anupama. For 17 years, the story repeats itself. When a guy asks if Anupama misses Junagadh, she responds that it will take time because Vanraj is constructing the house's third level. She then confronts Bapuji and chastises him for purchasing yet another cream roll. Bapuji examines Vanraj's horoscope and informs her that he will be flying somewhere shortly. Anupama says that Vanraj's future is hers and her future is intended to serve him, his family, and the children.

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Leela instructs Anupama to begin her chores by touching her feet. Leela's mother-in-law (Moti Baa) approaches her and invites her to touch her feet as well. She informs Leela that she is fortunate to have such a wonderful mother-in-law and a wonderful daughter-in-law in Anupama. She informs Anupama that the dance show's conclusion is today, and that she will sit with her to watch it. Leela is depressed, and Anupama agrees with her. When Moti-Baa asks Anupama about it, Leela fails to recognise the renowned Rakesh Roshan step. Moti-Baa and Anupama perform a dance routine, and Leela is advised to let Anupama's skill shine.

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Vanraj receives word that he may be transferred to the United States and promoted. He's also been invited to a get-together gathering. Vanraj dials Anupama's number. The kids also come in, and another flyer on visiting America is placed in the room. Anupama does not request Vanraj's help at the party. Anupama confides in Moti-Baa about her loss. Vanraj gets ready for the party late at night. He finds Anupama dressed for the party, and she informs him that she has already performed the duties. Vanraj is embarrassed by his wife and creates excuses for not accompanying her, leaving her devastated.