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Anupama Namaste America April 28 spoiler: Anupama's life is thrown into turmoil by Vanraj's past

Vanraj eventually runs into his ex-girlfriend, Rittika, and the two begin reminiscing about their former relationship.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 12.04 PM, Apr 28, 2022

Anupama Namaste America April 28 spoiler: Anupama's life is thrown into turmoil by Vanraj's past

With Puja Banerjee's arrival as Rittika, Anupama: Namaste America is set for an exciting plot twist. In the new episode, viewers will see a childishly excited Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) as she awaits the results of her audition clip. Her blind faith in Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey), on the other hand, will backfire as the truth slowly emerges. Anupama dupes Anupama, and his plan to not send Anupama's clip succeeds. Anupama had no idea that the only thing standing in the way of her dreams would be her husband.

Vanraj eventually runs into his ex-girlfriend, Rittika, and they end up reminiscing about their old times together. Will Anupama and Vanraj's marriage be over? How will Vanraj restrain himself?

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In the previous episode, Moti-Baa is sitting in the hall as the lights go out. Anupama comes over with ointment and massages her feet. She claims to be the first woman to visit the city without wearing a veil. Moti-Baa describes how women never address their husbands by name, instead of using the child's name as an initial. Anupama is advised by Moti-Baa to contact Toshu's father, Mr Shah. She begs her not to rely on old methods and to forge her own identity. Anupama admits that it is difficult for her to address Vanraj as "Mr Shah."

Anupama assures her that Vanraj's love is sufficient. Moti-Baa asks if she just adds salt to the lentils or if she also adds turmeric. Anupama responds that she uses all of the spices. Similarly, Moti-Baa teaches her that love alone is insufficient; respect must also exist in the heart of your loved one. Leela loves Hasmukh but never respects him because he earns less, according to Moti-Baa. So Vanraj is a carbon copy of his mother, so he has little regard for Anupama. She walks away, and Anupama enters her room.

Anupama consults her passport and prays for everything to fall into place. She expresses her feelings for Vanraj. Vanraj murmurs to himself that he will not let Anupama fly or else she will get wings for life. The next day, Anupama gets all dressed up and ready for her audition. Vanraj charges Rs 150 to rent a camera. As Anupama begins to dance, obstacles of various kinds appear in her path. Vanraj decides to record the audition but not send it to his boss. Vanraj consoles Leela by telling her that Anupama will not be leaving. Ritika is waiting for Vanraj. Anupama is lectured by Moti-Baa, who tells her she should have taken the clip.

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