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Anupama - Namaste America April 28, 2022 written update: Anupama saddened at the thought of leaving her family; Ritika’s arrival threatens to disrupt Vanraj’s life

Vanraj reminisces about his painful breakup with Ritika, and the latter makes a shocking revelation.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.03 PM, Apr 28, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America April 28, 2022 written update: Anupama saddened at the thought of leaving her family; Ritika’s arrival threatens to disrupt Vanraj’s life

As Vanraj waits outside the restaurant before meeting Ritika, he recounts the days of his relationship with Ritika. During their relationship when Vanraj dreams of his success, he thinks of his family first, especially Moti Baa, and Ritika is seen annoyed by this.

Back in the present, Vanraj is seen still waiting outside and even decides to get something to drink before going in to meet Ritika. He remarks that he never imagined that someone he was willing to win the world for would change his life so much.

At home, Anupama accidentally breaks Vanraj’s trophy when the children were running around the house. When Leela starts scolding Anupama, Moti Baa intervenes. When Leela remarks that Anupama does not even have a certificate to her name, Moti Baa says that the only reason Vanraj was able to win trophies was because Anupama was there to look after his house and their children. Moti Baa also says that soon Anupama will win her own awards.

In another flashback, Ritika is seen annoyed with Vanraj again when he arrives late to their date. When he says he had family responsibilities, Ritika remarks that after they get married they will live on their own, separate from Vanraj’s family.

As Anupama washes clothes back at the house, Dolly gives her lessons in spoken English. When Anupama says that she is ‘scared’ of an American accent, Dolly advises her that it is always good to learn how to converse in English. She says that if Anupama finds herself alone at any point during her trip, control over the language will help her. At this, Anupama doubles down on her learning and makes vast improvements. As she thinks about being away from her family when she goes to the US, Anupama starts to tear up and Dolly calms her by saying that sometimes people have to make sacrifices to achieve their dreams and it was just a matter of seven days.

Vanraj finally goes in to meet Ritika. He thinks about their breakup, and it is revealed that Ritika broke up with him when she got a chance to marry a man who worked in America. As she tells Vanraj that they have to break up as her dreams were important to her, Vanraj breaks down.

Anupama is seen applying Vanraj’s cologne on herself and decides to take it along with her when she goes to America, so that she could always feel his presence. At the restaurant, Vanraj flaunts his ‘happy’ life and family and talks about Anupama. When Vanraj asks Ritika why she came back to India, she says that she realised she left more behind than she had in America. She confesses that she still loves Vanraj and wants to be with him. 

When Vanraj says that he is happily married, Ritika asks him to drop the act. She says that she knows he doesn't love Anupama, and is aware that he never takes her out for any gatherings or dinners. Ritika asks Vanraj to be open with her, and that she knows Vanraj loves her and wants to be with her too. Ritika says she will leave her husband, and asks Vanraj to leave Anupama too. 

Just then, Vanraj gets a call from his boss asking for Anupama’s audition tapes. When his boss scolds him, Vanraj says that Anupama must've forgotten to send the tapes in the midst of her housework. He tells his boss that someone who can’t even manage to send an audition would not be capable of going to the US. His boss strictly asks Vanraj to send the audition as soon as possible. 

When Ritika asks Vanraj about who is going to the US, he says no one. Vanraj tells Ritika that he is not ready to uproot his life and Ritika begs him to be with her. Vanraj says it is not possible for them to be together anymore and leaves, but is seen with a pained look on his face.

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