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Anupama Written Update August 24, 2023: Anuj takes Adhik off from a MAJOR project, Baa introduces Dimpy to ‘Smt. Jhaaadu Shah’ and ‘Mr. Pocha Shah’

Anuj, Anupamaa and Romil are shocked to see Adhik’s gameplan but are surprised to see the reason why Sweety is not able to see through Adhik’s gameplan

Anupama Written Update August 24, 2023: Anuj takes Adhik off from a MAJOR project, Baa introduces Dimpy to ‘Smt. Jhaaadu Shah’ and ‘Mr. Pocha Shah’
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 06.22 AM, Aug 24, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa and family at the Kapadia House coming together for breakfast. That’s the time when Adhik acts and behaves in such a manner that is totally too good to be true. Right from pulling a chair for his better half Paakhi till babying her, Adhik ‘becomes’ everything that Paakhi could not have even dreamt about. Even though Romil mouths them as fake in front of their faces, Anuj and Anupamaa sit quietly and see the fakeness without uttering a word, although the latter even dreams of blasting Adhik for his fake behaviour towards Paakhi.

On the other hand, at the Kapadia House, Baa and Babuji start their romantic liaison with an extremely adorable ‘love fight’. Seeing that, both Kinjal and Kaavya feel so happy that the elderly couple have still kept their romance alive in their lives, even at this age of theirs and at this stage of theirs. All of this gets seen by Dimpy, who feels a bit out spaced amongst them and also a bit regretful about her earlier wrong doings.

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Around that time, just as Dimpy is about to quietly whisk away from there, Baa stops her and hands over her ‘set of responsibility’ of sweeping the floor and also mopping it. As a step in that direction, Baa, although sarcastically introduces Dimpy to ‘Smt. Jhaaadu Shah’ (the broom) and her husband ‘Mr. Pocha Shah’ (the mop cloth). Handing them over to Dimpy, Baa tells her to sweep the floor and clean it properly.

Around that time, when Samar tells Dimpy to serve him breakfast, Dimpy refuses on the grounds of her working in the house. Seeing his helpless situation. Baa feeds him with his favourite dish ‘thepla’. After work, when a starving Dimpy goes to the kitchen for food, she is unable to cook anything due to her tiredness. She lands up ‘stealing’ food from the fridge, assuming no one has seen her doing that! Even though Baa sees Dimpy stealing food, she prefers to keep quiet thinking even Dimpy is her child only!

Back at the ‘Kapadia House’, when Anuj tells Adhik to take a break from work, Paakhi ‘announces’ to everyone that she ‘will be’ taking a break and that her work will be handled by her able and capable husband Adhik. Hearing this, Anupamaa loses her cool and asks Paakhi if she should have done the same thing if they were working in another office.