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Anupama Written Update August 5, 2023: Vanraj Shah meets Anupama in the middle of the night! Deets inside

An extremely tensed up Vanraj Shah requests Anupama to meet him in the middle of the night

Anupama Written Update August 5, 2023: Vanraj Shah meets Anupama in the middle of the night! Deets inside
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Last Updated: 09.03 AM, Aug 05, 2023


The day starts off with a tensed up Adhik entering his room, only to be consoled by Paakhi. The very sight of Paakhi itself irritates him, forget about talking to her. On the other hand, Anuj tells Anupamaa the reason of Anuj’s (illegitimate) child Romil and the circumstances that led to it. Meanwhile, Paakhi tries to calm down Adhik and makes him understand what is right and wrong. She clarifies that the reason for her to join Anuj Kapadia’s office was not to bring him down or degrade him, but to be close to him and in front of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Anupama tells Anuj that, even though Romil was quite and was witnessing all the drama with a silent attitude, still, he must have felt really bad from within because of the constant badgering of him being the illegitimate child. Anuj tells Anupama that, even though she was talking to him, still he feels that, there is something that she was wanting to say, but was hesitant to say that. That’s when Anupama feels that, she cannot break the trust that Kaavya had shown in her for not mentioning about her child Romil.

An extremely worried Kaavya tells Anupama that, despite all her efforts to speak to her husband Vanraj, he was not at all co-operative in talking to her. She also tells Anupama that, Vanraj is extremely angry and is not at home. To this, Anupama tells her to remain calm and be patient, at least for the sake of the unborn child. Meanwhile, Anuj calls Anupamaa in the middle of the night and tells her that he is extremely disturbed because of the ongoing situation and that he cannot speak out his heart to anyone else besides her.

Vanraj tells Anupama to meet him outside her house in the middle of the night as he is waiting outside there. Even though a bit reluctant initially, Anupama agrees to meet Vanraj and meets him. No sooner does he meet her, he, in an extremely helpless manner, goes on pouring his heart out before her and also takes a promise from her that she won’t speak about this meeting to anyone, including Anuj.

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