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Anupamaa 29th June 2023 Written Update: Dimpy BRAINWASHES Adhik against Paakhi and her brothers

Is the end of Maaya and her journey in Anuj’s life on the charts right now is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 29th June 2023 Written Update: Dimpy BRAINWASHES Adhik against Paakhi and her brothers
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Last Updated: 10.32 AM, Jun 29, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa expressing her utmost gratitude to each and every member of the Shah House. She tells that, she will be living with the memories of the wonderful time spent here and that there are people for whom she matters the most. This is followed by Vanraj Shah singing a dedication for Anupamaa. The track is ‘Rukh jaana nahi, a track that truly touches everyone’s heart strings.

Post which, sensing that Adhik and Paakhi are feeling awkward in each other’s presence, Samar and Toshu try to break the moment with their jokes and casual talks. But, Adhik just does not want and like Paakhi’s company. That’s why he leaves from that place, followed by Paakhi. Seeing Adhik leave the place, even Dimpy follows him. This is followed by a heart-to-heart conversation between Kaavya and Anupamaa. The latter tells the former to take care of her health. Amidst this conversation, Anupamaa also tells Kaavya that she really needs company during her pregnancy.

On the other hand, Anupamaa’s mother then goes to Baa and Vanraj and tells them thanks for everything that they had done for her daughter’s send-off. While talking, there enters Baa and Anuj. Seeing them there, Kaavya tells Anupamaa that she has now decided to stay back at the Shah House. Baa and Anuj thank Anupamaa for changing Kaavya’s mind and making her understand to stay back at the Shah House. Hearing this, Dimpy starts feeling terrible because she is worried about parting away with her room in the Shah House. She also starts worrying about her now being forced to take care of a pregnant lady (Kaavya) besides her normal regular household works.

Just as when Adhik gets into a repenting mode, there comes Dimpy to add fuel to the fire and starts brainwashing him against Paakhi and her brothers – Samar and Toshu.

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