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Anupamaa 26th May 2023 Update: Is Vanraj Shah taking his ex-wife Anupamaa for a ride?

Will the secret ploy between Maaya, Vanraj and Barkhaa ever be busted is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 26th May 2023 Update: Is Vanraj Shah taking his ex-wife Anupamaa for a ride?

Last Updated: 12.42 PM, May 26, 2023


The day starts off with Anuj in an extremely helpless and desperate Anuj wanting to tell to Anupamaa s to what exactly had transpired that night. Just as when he starts to tell the incident of that night when he had left to meet her, suddenly, Anupamaa’s niece comes in with her mobile and tells that, the mobile has been repeatedly ringing and requests her to attend to the call.

Again, when, Anuj tries to tell everything to Anupamaa about that night, she gets a call from Guru Maa Maalti Devi, asking her to come to Gurukul for costume trials. And, since its Guru Maa Maalti Devi’s call, Anupamaa excuses herself from Anuj and rushes to meet Guru Maa. The moment she sees Guru Maa Malti Devi, she apologises for being late, and also cites her son’s wedding as the reason to be late.

And when Nakul tells Anupamaa to stop giving ‘family excuses’, Guru Maa Maalti Devi cuts him from telling anything further. At the same time, Guru Maa Maalti Devi says that Anupamaa, who is made for bigger things in life, doesn’t know her full potential. She also says that, Anupamaa also doesn’t know that what she (Guru Maa Maalti Devi) has in store for her. Hearing this, Guru Maa Maalti Devi’s disciple Nakul gets very upset. He thinks that, since he is the oldest disciple, he should be handed over all the responsibilities of the Gurukul and not Anupamaa. Sensing something amiss, Nakul sarcastically taunts Anupamaa saying that, being confident is good, but being over confident is not.

Meanwhile, at the Shah House, while everyone is having fun by chit-chatting, Vanraj sees the restlessness of Anuj to meet Anupamaa. Meanwhile, Anuj tells everyone that since he has some important work with Ankush, he will have to stay back with him. That’s when he goes out in his car and meets Anupamaa when she is returning back home from the Gurukul after seeing Guru Maa Malti Devi.

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