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Anupamaa 27th May 2023 Update: Anuj FALLS at Anupamaa’s feet seeking forgiveness, holds himself responsible for Maaya’s situation

Is this the secret that everyone was eager to hear or is it much more than what meets the eye and reaches the ear is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 27th May 2023 Update: Anuj FALLS at Anupamaa’s feet seeking forgiveness, holds himself responsible for Maaya’s situation

Last Updated: 08.34 AM, May 27, 2023


The day starts off with Anuj crying profusely before Anupamaa in Lord Krishna’s temple. He tells her that, even though he was at fault, he was shouting on top of her voice. At the same time, even though she was not at all at fault, she never even uttered a word against him. He also specifically mentions her to shout at him, slap him…. And do whatever she wants, but only thing is she should not remain silent. In the end, Anuj lands up falling at Anupamaa’s feet asking for forgiveness.

On her part, Anupamaa tells Anuj that she doesn’t want his love as alms, but as her right. But she also mentions that he had already given her right to someone else (Maaya). Whilst speaking, he reveals that, on that day, while coming eagerly to meet her, there occured an untoward incident. Meanwhile, Vanraj becomes extremely unrestful thinking about Anupamaa and Vanraj. That’s when, Vanraj lands up calling Guru Maa Malti Devi’s Gurukul Academy to check about Anupamaa. And when he gets to know that Anupamaa is still around in the academy, he becomes satisfied.

Meanwhile, Anuj recalls all the incidents that led to him separating from Anupamaa. He says that, when he was sitting in the cab thinking about Anupamaa, he got a call from chhoti Anu and her helpless screams. Hearing her in distress, Anuj said that he drove back the cab home in order to rush to meet chhoti Anu. And when he reached home, he saw chhoti Anu in an extremely shocking situation, with blood on her little hands. And when asked about what happened, chhoti Anu leads him to Maaya, who was lying unconscious with blood all over nearby her.

He tells Anupamaa that, him pushing Maaya while she was trying to stop him from going back to Anupamaa, could have been the reason for Maaya’s such a condition. He blames himself for Maaya’s situation and condition. He says that, in such a situation, he was unable to decide if he should be saving Maaya or calling her (Anupamaa to explain the situation) or stop chhoti Anu from crying, because his mind had completely stopped thinking. All that he could see was chhoti Anu crying profusely.

That’s when he picked up Maaya and took her immediately to the hospital as she had lost lots of blood. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors told him that there are very bleak chances of Maaya’s survival. In this chaos, he was totally clueless about the whereabouts of his phone.

And when he asked the doctor about Maaya’s condition, the doctor told him that she had hurt her head and also that she had lost lots of blood in the bargain. And that’s why her brain and vision are not ok. Additionally, her MRI reports were also not ok. The doctor also added that, in such cases, the patients may just land up losing their mental balance, and hence, there has to be someone who should be constantly with her. The doctor also added that the patient should not be left alone even for a minute. Anuj holds himself responsible for Maaya's situation.

SPOILER ALERT: After telling the entire backstory of the incidents which led to his helpless situation, Anuj asks Anupamaa what is her next course of action. To which, she replies that destiny has made them choose their own respective paths. And now that Anuj has chosen his path, Anupamaa says that, lets see what future and destiny has in store for her. Saying this, both of them part ways… quite literally.

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