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Anupamaa: Adhik-Pakhi beg for forgiveness; Vanraj takes a difficult decision

Pakhi starts to question if what she did was right.

Anupamaa: Adhik-Pakhi beg for forgiveness; Vanraj takes a difficult decision

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.54 AM, Oct 30, 2022


Anupama loses control of ehr emotions, and asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave and do whatever they want. Anuj talks about how disappointed he is with Adhik, talking about how he had tried to give him a chance and had even told him that he would talk to Vanraj about the relationship. Anuj refuses to hear any kind of excuse from Adhik.

Kavya slams Pakhi, calling her selfish and even stupid. Samar and Ankush also join in shaming the couple. Kavya asks how they had planned to live after getting married, if their families did not accept them.

Adhik and Pakhi apologise, and the latter try to reason that at least they came back after getting married, instead of running away. Baa becomes hysterical yet again. Adhik says that their actions were motivated by the fear that they would be separated.

Adhik tries to reason with Anuj, saying that one of the main reasons he did so was to console Pakhi, out of fear that Vanraj would not agree to letting them get married. Adhik asks Anuj to try and place himself in the former’s shoes.

Pakhi spots Vanraj sitting still and not speaking a word. When she goes to apologise and reason with Vanraj. She says she wants both her love and her family with her.

Vanraj finally makes a move and leaves. When Anupama and Kavya try to console him, they see him frantically going through Pakhi’s things and filling them in suitcases. He throws the suitcases outside the house. He says that he cannot say bad things about his daughter, but refuses to give her his blessings. He asks his daughter to leave the house and go live with her husband. The events make Pakhi question whether they did the right thing or not.