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Anupamaa: Anupama and Anuj are harassed by a group of men

Samar and Paritosh decide to help Adhik with the move.

Anupamaa: Anupama and Anuj are harassed by a group of men

Last Updated: 11.51 AM, Nov 21, 2022


When Dimple and Nirmit talk about their elopement, Anupama hurtfully recalls how similar their story is to hers and Pakhi’s. Nirmit reveals that his family had finally given in and invited him back home for the occasion of his sister’s wedding. When Dimple remarks that she wished her family was also as forgiving, Anupama reasons with her that although they might be upset now, they loved her and were probably in anguish as well.

The four stop at a Dhaba to eat, and Anuj and Anupama are shocked to see the group of men who terrorised them at the place as well. Anupama tries to calm Anuj’s fury. The group of men stare at Anuj and Anupama, and seem to have set their sights on Dimple. Anupama notices that something is off with the group.

Back at the Shah house, Samar and Paritosh talk about Kinjal’s job offer to Paritosh. The latter compares himself to Vanraj and Kinjal to Anupama, and regrets the way he treated his wife. Paritosh promises to be a better version of himself and help Kinjal out as much as possible.

Anuj becomes increasingly frustrated and annoyed with the antics of the group of men. Anupama video calls Samar and Paritosh, and even the latter notices the hullabaloo the group of men create. Samar is forced to tell Anupama the truth about Pakhi and Adhik when a neighbour questions them about the same. Samar and Paritosh assure Anupama that they will handle the situation.

Anuj loses his cool when the men make fun of Anupama. The latter stops her husband before things get out of hand. One of the men keeps on following Anupama and Dimple, harassing them.

Samar and Paritosh decide to help Adhik with the move, seeing that Pakhi is not lifting a finger to help out. Samar is haunted by memories of Nandini.

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