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Anupamaa: As Dimple tries to leave, Anupama declares that the goons have been caught

Vanraj tells Anupama to withdraw her case.

Anupamaa: As Dimple tries to leave, Anupama declares that the goons have been caught

Last Updated: 09.41 AM, Nov 30, 2022


Vanraj continues to criticise Anupama, calling her actions stupid. He claims that the reason the police are not moving in on the thugs is because they are powerful and influential. Anupama’s ex husband says that when something happens to the family, the police will not be able to help them and asks Anupama to withdraw the case before someone else gets hurt.

Anupama declares that it is not just Dimple’s fight, but rather the fight of every young woman in the country. She gets a call from the police station and goes home immediately.

As she rushes home, Anupama sees Dimple trying to leave, and the latter says that she would not be able to forgive herself if something had happened to Pakhi. She reveals that her own family had refused to help her, even going so far as to say that what happened to her was God’s way of punishing her.

Anupama tells Dimple that the goons have been caught, and that the police were calling them to identify the perpetrators. This news does not allay Dimple’s fears, who is scared that the goons will try to harm them despite being in jail. Anupama comforts her and even Choti Anu gives her strength.

Vanraj consoles Pakhi and asks her and Adhik to move into the Shah house, which the latter politely refuses. Pakhi complains about her life to Adhik, blaming Anupama for everything. Pakhi says that Anupama seems to care about everyone except her, talking about Choti Anu and Dimple. Adhik loses his cool.

When Kavya and Kinjal try to leave for work the next morning, Vanraj prevents them from leaving. The duo leave despite Vanraj’s insistence, and Vanraj blames Anupama for it. Baa tells Vanraj about Paritosh’s new job with Kinjal, saying it seems like Paritosh will become Kinjal’s servant now.

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